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monday 20th. april


morning all,
you know this site seems a bit like facebook for gardeners!
just taken charlie our cross breed bitch out (cocker/labrador) out and had brekkers. she also tramples all over my vedge patch and drives me to distraction.
spuds started to show. unfortunately, so have all the one i missed last year.
a few weeks ago i had a tile loose (on the roof). i called a roofer man in as i can not stand heights and it turned out that he was a pond man as well. his pond was 7ft at the deepest and the shallow end was 5 ft. judging from his knowledge i did not doubt him. he did say how many thousand gallons he had, but lost count. said he had koi 2-3 feet long.
rooferman said herons are solitary birds except when breeding and they will not fish with another heron in attendance, so what you have to do is to spend £25 on a plastic heron, but move it around the pond every day. do not think i will bother now.
yesterday, visited ken a fellow gardener and he gave me some forget-me-not plants. will try to grow them in the pond.
have just laid floorboards downstairs so have got to stay in now as i am waiting for the delivery of a bosch sander i bought on amazon. will varnish after that.

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I know that feeling of being driven to distraction - I sewed some veg seeds last week and my cat Blodyn has scratched them all over the place - well I keep telling myself they might come up in a pretty pattern.

20 Apr, 2009


morning hywel, put a load of bamboo canes around the side ot the vedge patch, but she just walks through the gaps. also have trouble with neighbours cat using garden as a toilet.

20 Apr, 2009


It's difficult to controll animals isn't it - especially cats, but I don't mind them. I'm going to try sewing my veges in plugs next and plant them out when they've grown a bit. Maybe Blodyn won't scratch them then - she only likes bare earth.
Maybe your dog thinks you put the canes there for her to have a game of going in and out through them like the dogs in shows. :o)

20 Apr, 2009

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