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Rain & goldfinches


By clarice


With it raining so hard yesterday, i sat watching all the birds with a cupper, but i wondered if anyone can tell me, i have 2 goldfinches come feeding on the nigger seed, but they only seem to come when its rained & every where is damp, like today it as been a beautiful day,all the birds have been feeding, except the goldfinches.

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Hi Clarice have some pics on my home page you might like .We had hail and snow in early April and Goldfinches fed throughout seem to like being able to feed on their own as few other birds attracted to niger (only 1 g ! ) seed.
Fewer visit now but at one point up to 14 would call.

29 May, 2008


Bonkers is right. The same thing happens here where I live. They do love the nigger seed but I think they only come as a last resort.

29 May, 2008


Hi Clarice: We have had a number of those goldfinch type birds, they are the Pine Siskens which feed on the Niger Thistle they are so pretty and spend a lot of time at the feeders. The are still around as is another pretty bird called the Grosbeak. It is such a pleasure watching them all. Barb

30 May, 2008


The goldfinches are small but pretty hardy birds, not at all intimidated by the rain! They are the first to visit the sprinklers in the summer for a bath too! They are often bothered by the presence of the larger birds like Grackles so like to feed when others are less numerous. As long as you seed is fresh, they will come, they just seem to have their own time clock...

30 May, 2008

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