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Diggy camera


By clarice


Well im hoping soon i will be able to send some photos of my garden. I’ve been and bought a diggy camera, and my daughter as shown me how to use it. She made me laugh because she said to me i’ve got a weeks holiday at end of month, i’ll show you how to put photos on the GOYsite. She knows it will take abit for it to sink in. I find as i’ve got older learning all these things gets harder.

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look forward to seeing those pics clarice

3 Jun, 2008


I've got a new camera aswell Clarice but I'm afraid I'm not having much luck with it. Hope you get on better than I do.

3 Jun, 2008


This great news Clarice as looking forward to photos.Put on auto and click away.Wont matter if many you dont like at first they can be deleted after a while you ll be amazed the trouble we used to go to with film.When think back to developing my own [ film! ] in a blacked out bathroom - then this really is huge progress.

3 Jun, 2008


As one of the speakers at our Garden Club told us, it's a lot easier because you don't have to put a film in; you just press the button and several million pixies do the rest! :-)

3 Jun, 2008


Very good Andrew, I like that, I have to say some cameras take better pics than others. I'm hoping for a new camera that takes better close ups.

3 Jun, 2008


Clarice and Blodyn, honestly, I am NOT techie minded, but it didn't take long for me to be happy with a digital camera. My film one is languishing in a cupboard! Keep at it. You will get there.

3 Jun, 2008

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