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standard rose


By clarice

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I have a stanard rose, called peace it is in a really big pot & i mean big, i have had it over 25yrs, & no problems with it at all, till now usually at this time of year it as that many big yellow blooms on it, everyone coments about it. But it was doing really well again till about 3-4wks ago & some of the leaves look if they are dying & others look quite good & there are no roses on it at all, there was signs of buds a few weeks ago, it looks to me if it as had weed killer or something, i usually feed it with tomatoe food, but someone told me to give it some epsom salts, but before i do, i thought i’d ask if any of you have any advice.I’ve had the plant that long its like part of the family, if i move house or anything i have to get some strong fellows to move it for me.

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I swear by the Epsom salts treatment Clarice. I know how you feel from having the rose for so long. 1 tsp. to the gallon of water does wonders for roses. You could read up on using it on the Internet before you decide. Best of luck with the rose.

8 Jun, 2008

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