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I’ve been sending messages to those who responded to my blog to say thanks for your kind thoughts. but i didnot realise that as im going through a bad time so are some of you.So my thoughts are with you. I was saying to Bren although its a garden web site, its also nice to know people care about other problems we may have. Anyway smokey as been to the vets had 3 injections and like always when he goes to vets as nothing to do with me for rest of day.

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smokey in a huff with you clarice,,, my dogs are the same when they come back from the vet.

28 May, 2008


oh dear... poor ickle smokey sulking! im sure deep down he's thankful that you care about him soooo much!

28 May, 2008


Henry goes to the vet's OK but when it's his turn, he lets me down by growling at the poor vet and backing off with his tail between his legs! I am always relieved if it's one particular vet on duty, as he takes time to talk to Henry, gives him a treat and relaxes him....Henry will do anything for food!!!!!

28 May, 2008


lol im sure Smokey Loves u Really Clarice,im so glad hes going 2 b ok :) give him kiss 4 mexxx

28 May, 2008


As you say Clarice it's nice to know people care about your other problems aswell as gardening.
Talking about vets, Fluffy, my old cat, used to growl at the dogs in the vet's waiting room. The poor things were frightened enough to be there in the first place without being growled at, and you could see the fear in their poor eyes. I had to cover her cage with a sheet so that she couldn't see them.
It took two vets to handle Fluffy and they had to wear thick gloves because she was so vicious.( but not with me though ). Blodyn on the other hand is quite the opposite.

29 May, 2008

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