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By clarice


Hi everyone, just rang up the vets, it is kidney failure, but although they cannot do anythink for his kidneys,they can help him in other ways, as long as he’s not being sick or anything. If you look at him he looks fine, but his back end looks really thin and he never stops drinking, so im of to the vets at 11am for his first injection. Its one of the bigest killer for older cats, the vets go on these numbers, a kittens kidneys should be 0, an adult is 6, and when they get to 14 thats it, but smokey at the moment is at 10, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed he will be with me for abit longer. Thanks for all your kind messages.

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hi clarice,,, both you and smokey will be in my thoughts this morning, let us know how things go at the vets this morning. hugsssssssss for you xx

28 May, 2008


Hi Clarice, although I haven`t been following your blogs, I am really sorry to hear about your cat and will keep my fingers crossed for him. My 8 year old cat died from cancer at the beginning of the year so I know what it`s like. But previous to that my other cat lived to be 21+ !!

28 May, 2008


Hi Clarice,
I hope Smokey will be ok.
My old cat Fluffy lived to be 22 eventhough the vet said her kidneys were failing several years before that. She used to have quite regurar injections and drank plenty of water.There are pictures of her on my page.
Look after Smokey the best you can. That's all you can do. If you have a photo of him why not put it on. I'd like to see him.

28 May, 2008


Hello... sending you and smokey my warmest and best wishes.... xxxx

28 May, 2008


I am so sorry to hear about your Smokey.I had to take one of mine ( Peppa) yesterday,for exactly the same reason and we are now waiting for results of blood tests.
And yesterday morning,we lost one of my cats to the road.Her photo is allready in "my photos"she,s relaxing, half in and half out of her sleeping box.Her name was once again I am sorry

28 May, 2008


Oh dear, I am sorry. I am glad that there is treatment for Smokey, though. Pets are wonderful companions and part of the family, aren't they. Bren - so very sorry to hear your sad news. I shall be thinking about you.

28 May, 2008

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