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By clarice


There is a conifer at the bottom of my garden it belongs to someone who lives at the back of me, that as all kinds of birds,there are blackbirds,bluetits, coaltits greatits,goldfinches,sparrows, robins and apair of doves, the other day the two adult doves fetched a young dove it still hadfluff on its head, although the two adults fly of when i went down my garden the baby stayed, and i went right up to it talking to it,mind you the perents may have flown of but i could see them on my back porch watching me. I have a 15yr old cat and he is to slow to catch birds now, infact the birds come and eat while he is in the garden,infact he can walk past them all and they dont bother about him, its funny how they know he cant get them. Anyway i had to take smokey my cat to the vets this morning, i have to wait for his blood test as he may have kidney problems, i will find out tomorrow. with abit of luck if it is they may be able to prolong it abit.

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Clarice sorry to hear about your beloved Smokey hope things work out for him although sometimes it's best to find the courage to let them go, I lost my beloved Rottie 'Dude' who was just 5 when he got bone cancer goodness knows how I managed to find the strength to let him go but I did although it broke my heart in two can you believe it even now after two years writing this has reduced me to tears! Things do get better although even after a couple of years you still have a sob about them but at least they are not suffering. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and

27 May, 2008


Hope Smokey will be ok. Let us know how he gets on.

27 May, 2008


Sorry to hear about Smokey its a fine age for a cat and sure you re very attatched to him.Dont like to recall the aged pets we ve lost , Jane so attatched and upset when the inevitable happens.We now have a parrot that will almost certainly out live us!

27 May, 2008


best wishes for smokey clarice

27 May, 2008


Hope Smokey gets well ASAP Clarice, please keep us up dated its awful when a pet gets ill XXX

27 May, 2008


I'll be thinking about you and Smokey tomorrow. Fingers crossed, Clarice.

27 May, 2008


Get well soon Smokey...

28 May, 2008

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