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I have a small garden in the east of England which is split between flowers, fruit and veg. I am advised by a mother with gren fingers (she can't garden herself now but has good ideas)and a daughter who has her own allotment. The front 2/3 of the garden is patio then flowers and then I have raised veg beds towards the back. It was a children's garden (lawn + borders) but i'm attempting to change that - cutting down on the grass, adding some height and shape - a cottage garden?. I have just cut down a Red Acer (about 25 ft high) and a Shumac (Rhus Typhina) but have added a Dog Wood tree, and a Green Gage (hope they'll be a bit more containable) I am growing fruit everywhere - grapes, pear, greengage, currants, blackberries, and blueberry and cranberry in a bath at the back! I'm planning on cuutting down the grass but not a patio garden - a bit of everything I think!

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how do I finally get rid of the Shumac?

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