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how do I finally get rid of the Shumac?

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Ok, so I cut down the Shumac tree/shrub, but left some of it up to support a climber ---should have known better. It is now shooting up everywhere in my garden and my neighbours. Any ideas how I can finally kill it off and stop the pain of shoots? It is in a flower border so I need to be very specific in what I do.

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Read my blog on tree stump treatments (find it by clicking on my icon, and selecting the right blog on my home page, there's only 4 to choose from) its quite short - in your case, you will have to carryout the same treatment on all the woody based suckers and roots as well.

19 Jul, 2009



19 Jul, 2009


I've got a twelve bore...........:~)))

19 Jul, 2009


Dig, dig and dig some more. Sumac is extremely bad for sending up suckers.
I have heard of using "Round Up" in little containers with holes in the top. Push the top of the shoots into the hole and into the liquid. Leave the tip in the chemical until it dies off.....this allows lots of chemical to be absorbed and sent down into the long, long root system. I've never tried this but I'm at about this point with my neighbours sumac which is trying to colonize my garden. :o(

20 Jul, 2009

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