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Laurel hedge gone…..


Finally got the courage to take massive laurel hedge down. It had been well pruned over the years in the hope I could stop growing it lop sided. But to no avail as it had grown about 1.5 metres onto the patio area making it difficult to get through opening down alleyway and blocking out light. We reckon it must have been there since 1980’s! As laurel is so vigorous they have inserted euro plugs stump killer and sprayed them just in case. They will take 5 years or more to break down!! I must admit it looks pretty horrendous so I will be getting some pots and have a think when over the shock what to do with the bare fence panels. Suppose I could grow some evergreen climbers?
Any suggestions to pretty up the area always welcome!!

Ps I love how much more light it has let in & am hoping the plants in pots & borders will respond accordingly! 🌞

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A brave decision and so much extra space and light.

26 Oct, 2021


Will be interested to see what you it with! Have fun getting the old roots out...

26 Oct, 2021


That monster really needed to go, but still a brave decision. I'm sure it'll look look good in summer with some nice colourful container planting. The fence could perhaps be painted, sage green or something & maybe the pots could have some taller slender plants in them. There are some bamboos that are small leaved, which can be grown in tubs too. Interested to see what you do with the area.

27 Oct, 2021


Thanks feverfew. Didn’t think about painting fence but think that’s a good idea. Am hoping to place pots between stumps and grow some climbers and perennials. Any suggestions for any shrubs that can be grown in pots? Have already got lovely a mature pieris in lovely pot and have got some large pots available soon when I take out dahlia’s.

27 Oct, 2021


Some Clematis can be pot grown. Nandina firepower, Euonymus fortunii, Lavatera Barnsley Baby (and another new one whose name I forget...) Camelias, Ceanothus, small Azaleas, Rose Munstead Wood, Ilex crenata fastigiata,
some dwarf Hydrangeas, loads of rockery conifers.
You might plant a pyracantha between two of the stumps of you can clear some roots, and train it against the fence which is quite easy to do (must be easy, I've done it twice, lol)

27 Oct, 2021


Those are great suggestions, thanks Steragram. Will have a look, am hoping to create some kind of tapestry against the awful wall panels. Need to put up some trellis panels as well. Have also decided to put membrane down on old patio area and cover with gravel to create a gravel pot garden. Will take me a few years to acquire suitable large pots but al least I know what to ask for birthdays & christmases! Lol 😂

27 Oct, 2021


Crikey, that's a difficult task well executed!
Looks like an exciting project ahead, Amsterdam!
I think painting the fence may be a nice idea like Josee said.
Look forward to seeing what you decide to plant!
Sue has offered an abundance of ideas!

28 Oct, 2021


Must admit looking at that empty plantless space from my lounge is a bit disheartening but it will give me the impetus to get cracking. Have already put some pots in front of fence to break it up a bit. Was thinking of having trellis panels put against the fence panels. What do you think? All my other fence panels in the garden are the same colour as these green ones so not sure whetehr to paint them another colour? They have been cleaned and tidied up to get rid off all saw dust & cob webs!! One thing has has become apparent is that the alley way is quite a wind tunnel with that great hedge gone that acted as a wind breaker....

28 Oct, 2021


Just wondering if putting a gate between the house and the fence might help to shelter that spot in the back garden from the wind? It would need to be a fairly open one, to slow the wind but not stop it altogether, because then it would swoop up one side and down on the other side worse than ever! Just a thought. And yes, I'd match the colour of the unpainted fence to the rest of the garden, but if you make a mistake you can always repaint it another colour... And if you decide that one of the new plants doesn't fit it will be easy to move it if its in a pot. So quit worrying and enjoy!

28 Oct, 2021


I kind of agree with you klahanie. But it was structurally unsafe….. so it had to go. It will take a while and some trials & errors but hopefully it will turn out good in the end.

28 Oct, 2021


Steragram - I’ve added a photo of the alleyway with side gate to give you an idea of where the current gate is.

28 Oct, 2021


Thank you - another good idea bites the dust!

29 Oct, 2021


Thank you all for your suggestions, it certainly makes you think outside the box! I have been looking up north facing climbers and will be putting up trellis against fence panels and on top as well. Once that is in place I will be planting climbers in between stumps and putting decorative pots on the stumps with decorative bamboo and phlox amongst others. Might pop some bulbs in as well, depending what soil is like….

30 Oct, 2021

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