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Plants I've lost this year.....


So I have totted up the plants I’ve lost after various cold snaps this past winter. agapanthus, hebe, fig tree, ornamental weeping Cherry tree, canna’s, dahlia’s, salvia’s, fuchsia and succulents. What have you lost?

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Sorry about the plants you lost ...
I lost a pink Coreopsis, but I always loose those every time I buy one.
I also have a Euonymus which looks dead. It's a free-standing one but the ones growing up trellises are fine.
I lost a Lovely Euphorbia White Swan in a pot but I have a cutting of it so I'm happy.
Solanum crispum is also gone :( but I find those difficult to overwinter anyway.

13 May, 2023


Have a look at a recent blog by ange2 ... it's interesting to see what plants folk have lost. Hebes seem to be a main loss for some.

13 May, 2023


my palms , some alpines . eucalyptus. some sedums due to vine weevil. A terrible weather start , always cloudy and mostly under 14 degrees since Jan 1st . hating this weather year

13 May, 2023


Ams, I discovered today that a Hosta 'Sum and Substance' has rotted off in the pot, despite being kept in the unheated greenhouse over Winter. I shall replace it as it has lovely lime green leaves.

13 May, 2023


Shirley that’s a shame, glad you’ll be replacing it.

14 May, 2023


I lost a Hebe too but the rest seem to be OK so far.

15 May, 2023


Ams, I bought a new Hosta 'Wide Brim' which has large variegated leaves. I shall pot it up tomorrow.

19 May, 2023


Shirley- send me a picture when potted up. I’ve just sprayed my hostas with a garlic concoction - hoping it will keep snails at bay.

19 May, 2023


Ams, will do! It seems that coffee grounds are having no effect against the slugs and snails this year, not in my pots anyway ... :o(

20 May, 2023

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