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Victorian hotbeds.


With winter running into spring I’m seriously considering making a victorian hootbed for an early start to crops next year. Does anyone here have any experience with one and does it really make much difference?
I found a link -

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Hi Buzzbee.What a hoot that was mean't to be hotbed ! The link in my blog was what inspired me, but it sounds a bit complex to do it right.Apparently it needs fresh horse manure and needs to be turned to avoid hotspots.

14 Apr, 2008


I guess a compost heap does generate some heat but not as much as fresh manure and soil under cover, as in the link,
Some pumpkin seeds sprouted early on my compost heap, I covered them with a glass bell but that last snowfall killed them off. Spring has been like a yo yo this year, now you see it now you don't!!!!!

14 Apr, 2008

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