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Peat Bogs, habitats and Global Warming

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A plea to buy peat free products this year, save wildlife habitats, and
prevent further global warming. check out this link -

Alternatives are homemade compost and well rotted manure and leafmould, seaweed can also be used if stacked first to let the salt wash out, these will add humus and structure to the soil, and help it’s water retaining properties Coir is another alternative. If using cocoa shell mulch be aware it is harmful to dogs if they eat it. Happy peat free gardening!!!

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Hi Tussie...good to know, that. Another reason not to use cocoa shell mulch, my friend inherited an earwig infestation from the stuff. (Whether they came in the bags or the cocoa shell was a perfect habitat, I'm not sure.) I've bought peat over here without a second thought as we have some huge peat bogs...we haven't been harvesting it as long as you folks. My subsoil is basically limestone...So peat has been a staple around here as an acidifier or neutralizer. Anyway, composting is a good skill to learn. Thankyou for the interesting read.

28 Mar, 2008

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