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Improving soil fertility, and moisture holding.


Compost is great to get moisture holding humus and nutrients in the soil,topdress and the worms will dig it in for you.
We can’t get enough sometimes. extra sources I have found -

Coffee shop offer to collect their coffee grounds
local fruit and veg shop, they have veg waste unsold and past it for selling.they will be glad to get rid of it free.
seaweed after spring tides.
Fishmonger, heads and tails and filleted bones if you can stomach it good for the soil, I dig a trench for next years runner beans in the autumn, fill the bottom with the fish bits, top with kitchen veg waste then cover with soil. Plant runner beans on top in the spring,for a lush crop and when you dig or rotovate a year later not a bone in sight.!
Please feel free to add other sources below

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I use worms, I keep them in bins under the back patio, (it's about 2 ft off the ground) that keeps them cool and out of sight. They can take care of all our veg matter kitchen scraps and makes enough worm castings for me to use in my patio boxes and containers. They seem to really love tea! lol

25 Jul, 2008


Thank you Wohlibuli and Marguerite, Yes i compost most of mine, and the worms invade the compost, but I do bury the fish, that can get maggotty if it goes in the compost. Fortunately my dog hasn't tried digging it up........... yet!!!!!

28 Jul, 2008

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