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Greenhouse is Filling up


Sorry havent been here for a week or so, been busy with work and going mad at the weekend in the garden. Paul built a lovely wooden staging table for my greenhouse which is now loading up with some of my germinated babies and latest additions (beetroot, leeks, Webbs and Cos lettuce, Giant sunflowers and cut n’ come again salad leaves.

In the conservatory and kitchen my Toms, chillies and cues are coming on well and my mini greenhouse which Im kind of using as a cold frame with the zips only done up half way, is housing my Savoy cabbages, brussel sprouts and snap dragons.

My latest purchases are four David Austin, Lady Hamilton Roses (special deal through my favourite you know what gardening Mag :-)) plus one free because I bought more than three so I went for the Clare Austin white rose (all highly scented) these are going in our front garden on each side of the pathway.

Off QVC I bought special deal 54 trailing begonias which comes with two hanging pouches and feed (I will pot these up and keep them in the conservatory until its safe to do the baskets for outside. From Ideal World (another special deal) I bought Potatoe growing sacks with four variety of potatoe seeds, I know a cheaper way of doing this is using heavy duty bin liners of the bags your multipurpose compost comes in, I just like the idea that the bought sacks have handles and will last for a few years. Off eBay I bought five bare root bearded Iris Germanica which were only 99p! plus £2 P&P and have 10 Lily of the Valley on the way which were also only 99p.

Well I think Ive just about written another chapter for a book above so I will leave it at that and take more photos as plants establish and grow (if they all work that is :-)) Im a complete novice with some of the above, thats what I love about gardening, there’s always new challenges.

Until next time, enjoy :-)

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Glad to hear that all is growing as planned Norfolk, and that someone other than me buys from dear old Richard Jackson.....I have always found that the plants bought off QVC, are always in a far superior condition than those boiught direct from T & M, and arrive when they supposed to. Sounds like you picked up some good bargains off e bay too. Well done you

24 Mar, 2009


Wow have been really busy ! The roses will be a lovely addition to your garden,and especially planted where you can take advantage of the scent !

24 Mar, 2009


I haven't tried QVC - maybe I'd better not look - I would be tempted (again) wouldn't I!

27 Mar, 2009


You cannot beat David Austin (well you can) for quality, they may be expensive but usually reliable, my husband nearly took a job there many moons ago......think how many roses we would have had by now!!!
You have certainly been bitten by the gardening bug have you not?

28 Mar, 2009


Have never tried TV, or E-bay, plant shopping. Don't give me any more ideas, lol! Seems to have been very much in your favour, however. Look forward to seeing the blooming results. And, the fruit/veggies sound mouth-watering already!

30 Mar, 2009


Ah, but its a good ideal David....go on give them a go :-)

30 Mar, 2009

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