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An olive tree is just a tree - or is it?


By Terry60


It can be a sentry box

Or a closed and open elephant’s eye

It can be majestic history

or a resting place in the shade for the weary

A defiance against growth

or a similar garden where Judas did his betrayal

Works of art – sculptures??

Nah – just simple trees that produce lots of extra virgin olive oil

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Brilliant blog.. well done. :o)

11 Jun, 2009


Ta everso TT - I'm reallly quite chuffed that I managed to do it at all ----- !!!!

11 Jun, 2009


Brilliant blog and such wonderful photos, Terry. I'm very glad that you managed to do it, too! Don't agree that they're just simple trees though - I think they are nature at its best and most resilient. Fantastic, well done.

11 Jun, 2009


Blimey Gee - you'll be making me blush - !!

11 Jun, 2009


Amazing trees ~also a sign of friendship!

11 Jun, 2009


Those trees must be very old. I enjoyed all the photos. Thanks. I wonder if anything lives in that hole in one of the trees. It looks nice and cosy in there.

11 Jun, 2009


lovely trunks and plants a good age too.

11 Jun, 2009


Wow....where there is life, aye? Terrific Photos!!! What does it smell like to walk through a grove of olive trees? Do they have a characteristically distinct scent? What are the blossoms like? I have a Russian Olive in my's fruit are only edible by the birds...but it's blossoms have the sweetest scent. mmmm... olive oil.

11 Jun, 2009


Loved the blog and the photos, we have an olive tree it is now ten years old.....lots of olives on at the moment, but is is a mere baby compared to the ones in your pictures lol

11 Jun, 2009


Thank you everybody for all your appreciative comments - it took me ages to suss out how to do a blog with photos so I'm pretty chuffed with the end result....

Lori, I sent a photo ages ago with the tiny little olive blossom - if I find it, I'll either tag it onto the end of this blog or resend it for you. I've never noticed any particular smell - I just love the grey green colour of the leaves and the aura of peace these groves exude .. Sueb - friendship, yes lovely thought ....

Dottydaisey - give it time, give it time - centuries don't come quickly ..... Seaburngirl - some olive trees are centennial ....

Hywel - I bet many a stray cat has created a nice cool home in those nooks and crannies - not to mention all the horrible creepy crawlies that could be in there ....

12 Jun, 2009


like lizards, and beetles and bats! OH MY! lol....

13 Jun, 2009


Lovely photo's.....lovely trees. Thanks for showing them to me/us. I have two, but the tallest is only about 2 metres!

15 Jun, 2009


Give them time, Phil, give them time - these have been around for quite a while !!!

16 Jun, 2009


Great photos and comments Terry, some were how I imagined Ents would look (Lord of the Rings read many moons ago). I've never seen the film so don't know how they depicted them but they needn't have looked any further. :-))

26 Aug, 2009


You have a very good point there Bornagain ! ....

31 Aug, 2009

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