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Goodbye Giove/Jove


By Terry60


Our lovely adorable furry friend closed his eyes this morning – we shall miss him very much

Giove and June

Giove, Giorgio and Lupa

Giove and friend Romeo

Giove and Rosie

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What Sad News Terry :/ Im so so Sorry 4 your loss :( x

21 May, 2009


Thanks Jacque - he died very peacefully in my son's arms

21 May, 2009


Thats so good 2 Hear Thank u :)x

21 May, 2009


my goodness Im crying, so sad to lose a family member however furry they are

love to you and your family

x x x

21 May, 2009


Sorry to hear your news - our pets become such a part of our family and it's heartbreaking when they go!

21 May, 2009


Oh that's so sad. Thinking about you all x

21 May, 2009


How sad for you all. He was a beauty.

21 May, 2009


Such a beautiful cat will leav you with many beautiful memories.

21 May, 2009


Oh i know how that feels, my sympathy to you and yours.

21 May, 2009


Ahhhhhh im so sorry Terry... thats brought tears to my eyes... its so awful when you lose a pet....

21 May, 2009


Its sad to lose a pet but you have your memories and can take comfort from them........

21 May, 2009


Sorry to hear your sad news Terry, thinking of you all.

21 May, 2009


sorry to hear this Terry . ..


21 May, 2009


Such a lovely cat. I'm so sorry for your loss.

22 May, 2009


I cannot thank all you lovely people enough, for being so kind - your caring thoughts have helped with coming to terms with him no longer being at the door when we walk in, mewing for food, being curled up on the bed or entwined with one of the others - with him simply just not being there anymore. He was a lovely little friend to us all and we are thankful that he didn't suffer too much - he very very gently fell asleep in my son's arms ... he was buried yesterday in the grounds of the monastery in our little town in the hills, as that's where he originally came from ... thanks again to you all.

22 May, 2009


Rest in peace Giove.

23 May, 2009


The photo of Giove and Rosie is a favourite! He had a good home and a happy life...and you added your family's love to his blessings... he was a very lucky cat. While you've been grieving Giove probably has recruited a replacement...(the little tabby at the Tivoli?)

11 Jun, 2009


Thanks Gilli and Lori - it's getting better yet the house seems so much emptier wth "only" 3 of them. Rosie is still not well enough to come home - no please Lori , no replacements - not yet anyway .....

12 Jun, 2009


Aw sorry...guess replacement was the wrong word to use! What I meant to imply was that Giove had made arrangements with the little tabby to take your mind off of missing him so much.
We went shopping this a.m. and there is a pet store I visit..I was looking at some pedigreed persian kittens...when I heard a very plaintive mewing coming from the cage nearest the door... it was a black and white male kitten...his face is all black but his whiskers and eyebrows are White!!! his body is all black except for his toes on his forepaws and his back feet are completely white....I named him on the spot..Bustopher Jones in white spats! (From "Old 'Possum's Book of Practical Cats") I wanted to adopt him but the boss said no. rats! He patted my face through the bars of the cage and purred! Oh it was so hard to walk away. But he's such a sweet fellow that I'm sure he will have a happy home very soon. (Just not with me! boo hoo!)

13 Jun, 2009


You won't believe this Lori - but I have adopted another stray tabby - I couldn't resist - called her sleepy - will send a photo of her asap !!.....

13 Jun, 2009


Oh Lori - it must've been so hard for you to leave Bustopher behind - I hate to see them in those cages in shops - I think the "selling" of animals should be abolished. There are so many strays who need homes that I find it sad that others should have a "sales price".

And to think that I had absolutely no intention of "replacing" Giove with little Sleepy (and I know exactly what you kindly meant)- so you see Lori, you were uncannily right about Giove's arrangements !!!!

15 Jun, 2009


Such a moving blog, it must be my age, thank goodness for Sleepy:-)

26 Aug, 2009


Do you know Bornagain, after all this time, I still miss him. Altho' I do have to add, that luttle boisterous Sleepy makes a very good job of filling in that void .... !!

31 Aug, 2009

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