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I am married and living in Centerville TN. I have just begun gardening here (we moved here 8 years ago when my husband retired) and have found it to be true challenge since the summers are very hot & dry and living in the country means that we have a well, so there is also a watering problem. You never know how much water you're going to have and I don't want to waste it on plant material. I have been afraid to put much of anything out for those reasons. I did put out a 4 square garden this year mostly because our daughter was getting married here and wanted a garden wedding. Hard to have one without the garden! I did a square with roses, one with shrubs, one with herbs and one with flowers. My husband built me a rustic arbor for two New Dawns to grow on and it all ended up looking really wonderful for the wedding that took place Sept. 27. I did throw caution to the wind and water every day and just prayed the ole well would hold out for us. I can't be doing that on a daily basis so am thinking that it would be wiser to use succulents and more draught tolerant plants next year. I am hoping that all of you can help me find my way with this new venture. The site is really great, I just found researching the Chinese Virginia Creeper and was eager to join.

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