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Virginia Creeper question


By Snick

Hickman County/TN, United States Us

I just found this website while trying to find out about a particular Virginia Creeper variety and saw that one of your members said that it isn't as rambuncious as the more common one. I would like to grow it on my brick home but my husband is reluctant to allow it without more knowledge about it. Would it damage our brickwork and how easy is it to control? Also, how draught tolerant is it? Thanks so much for your help.

On plant Parthenocissus henryana



Virginia creeper does not have self clinging tendrils so therefore requires support to climb. Usually done by wires, as it establishes the main stems begin to cling to brickwork .So left unchecked it will eventually provide itself with support to climb.

The variety you mention is lovely with marbled veins of white through green leaves that change in autumn.Also known as Chinese creeper doesnt mind shade but prefers a sheltered position as all varieties shed leaves so the windier the site the quicker they lose them.

If you decide on be ruthless with the pruning to the height you happy with as can get to a height and under eaves. Brickwork not the problem a head for heights is if left unchecked.

10 Oct, 2008


Thanks for the info. My husband has stated that he won't be the one to keep it in check and I have an aversion to heights, so from what you've said, I am afraid to try it as our house has three levels. Someone on the websight had said that it didn't run as rampant as the more common one but I have no idea how quickly either of them grow. Perhaps I should try it on a fence or some other way before putting it on the house. Again, thanks for your thoughts.

11 Oct, 2008


I planted a new one about 18 months ago and it has grown up about 14'. That's the rate of growth. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to prune it, the growth is soft and when it reaches the top of the wall, it can just flop over with pretty tendrils. I can't climb ladders either! My roses on the front of the house have to be cut back with a long-handled extending gadget - or they wouldn't get pruned at all. As to watering, I just watered it frequently for its first few months and not since then. it's tucked into a dry corner and copes well there.

11 Oct, 2008


Thank you for your information, that's very helpful. Maybe I can keep it trimmed to the point where it won't get into the eaves, etc. and the thought about the long handled pruner is a good one. I read your bio and saw that you as well as many others are from the UK. I have a daughter who married a lovely man from Ingatestone in Essex 4 years ago and is living there now. The absolute highlight of my life was in 05 when I traveled over there to visit them. What a beautiful country you have. My husband and I plan to go next year as well. I love seeing all the gardens, it's so picturesque. It's such fun getting ideas from gardens in a totally different environment.

11 Oct, 2008


According to the books, P.henryana only reaches about 15 feet. I've been growing it on a fence for several years now and if it gets too tall, it is easy to pull it off

13 Oct, 2008

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