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OH, NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Did somebody say FROST???


By Sid


Ok, is somebody having me on? We’re not really going to have a frost tonight are we? I’ve put out all my troughs and hanging baskets, the Cosmos and Ipomoea are planted out and the runner beans are all up. A frost spells disaster! Well, according to the weather report we are getting one tonight <:-(

Well, not sure whether to believe it, but better safe than sorry. So, I’ve been out this evening trying to protect everything – the baskets have come down and are in the garage, the troughs of bedding are pushed into the sheltered corner of the patio, the tubs of Dahlias have been shoved unceremoniously under the hedge, 60-odd Acers in pots have been transfered to the greenhouse, along with the baby hydrangers.

But what to do with those plants already planted out…??

Pots have been put over everything still small enough and I found some green sacks to drape over everything else….

Under these sacks are a selection of Cosmos, Ipomoeas, Delphiniums (some of which are coming into flower now) and lillies. I do hope a breeze doesnt blow up over night – or my neighbours’ gardens will be full of green sacks tomorrow morning!

Birtie thought it was all very entertaining – the sacks (for some unfathomably reason) had little ribbons attached and, since string is her most favourite thing in the world, she went round pouncing on all the sacks. Well, obviously that would not do at all, so I then had to go round and remove all the ribbons. Birtie appreciated them being left on the lawn for her to play with tho!

Do hope I don’t have to go through all this again tomorrow……

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You'll be disapointed now if there is no frost after all that work!

18 May, 2008


Ha ha - yes I think I will! But relieved also, as I couldn't cover all the plants I wanted to - I have Cosmos dotted all over the place and they are too tall to put pots over :-S

18 May, 2008


ah well, better safe than sorry

18 May, 2008


The forecast just now said frost in rural areas of the North of England - and about 7 degrees where we are. I am just NOT going to run around trying to protect everything - haven't got the means anyway. Just have to keep fimgers crossed.

18 May, 2008


I'm in the same situation as Spritzhenry.The garden will just have to fend for itself.

18 May, 2008

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