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When my roses looked like poodles


By Raquel


Well, they didn’t really, of course look like poodles.. =) The thought just came to mind because in my desperate attempt to control the black aphids decimating my roses, I pruned them. Cut off all the infected buds, most of the leaves, and was probably lucky I didn’t kill the poor plants!

This is what they looked like a couple weeks ago:

Here you can still see a few flowers on the roses, believe me those were gone very quickly!

This was just before I decided I should just leave them alone. I did put four cloves of mashed garlic by the roots of each rose, and continued to spray sporadically with an organic spray.

Amazingly, the roses are recovering. The red rose is blooming now, and so far I haven’t seen a nasty black aphid in sight! The white one as well, and the powdery mildew problem seems under control.

The yellow rose still seems very stressed to me, with deformed leaves, yet it is flowering again.

So maybe the roses liked the garlic! I’ve also given them organic fertilizer. Well, garlic is an antibacetrial agent, as well as a fungicide, and I think even anti-viral…that’s why it’s so good for us, too! Or maybe they just found the will to live…who knows? Sometimes plants have a will of their own! =)

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aye raquel, sometimes they just surprise us ,,,, over the yrs i have often thought a plant had died only to find it flourishing a few weeks later. garlic might be a good thing to try tho,,, memo to self pick up some garlic at the supermarket lol

24 May, 2008


It is often recommended that garlic is grown alongside roses to repel aphids. Apparently it is a good companion for raspberries too, must try that myself :-)

26 May, 2008


Hi Irish and Xela - yup, garlic seems to have done the trick...I'm happy something worked! =)

2 Jun, 2008


They look like they need a larger pot soon... and do you feed them?

19 Nov, 2008


Thanks volunteer - maybe they do, though they recovered quite nicely...they seem to have cycles in which one or two will look great and the other look much bigger pots do you think they need?

21 Nov, 2008

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