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Waiting for s atorm to hit


By Raquel


I’m in El Salvador and am watching a storm come in…the hills are no longer visible and the sky has turned a milky light green….there’s lots of thunder and the parrots that roost in the trees are very agitated…the volcano can no longer be seen because of the cloud cover….

Just today we went up to San Salvador’s volcano and had lucnh at a restaurant right at the peak…hard to believe it’s the same day!

Looks like they’re gonna have to suspend the soccer match between Panama and El Salvador…

Been taking pictures of flowers and plants y’all might like…will upload when I get back to Houston..

Better get off the computer now! too much lightning!

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Hope you get through the nasty weather alright! Will be waiting to see your new photos!

23 Jun, 2008


sounds scary , I do love a good thunder and lightening storm ,but maybe ours are not as violent as yours ,hope every thing is now o.k

23 Jun, 2008


Keep safe - looking forward to seeing the photos.

23 Jun, 2008


Hope the Storm Passes without 2 my Damage Raquel&your safe&well

23 Jun, 2008


Best of luck Raquel, we don't get anything as severe this side of the atlantic but we're better than most at complaining about it!

23 Jun, 2008


Raquel ,Poppymike is right we dont get it as bad over here, but we would'nt be british if we did'nt moan about the weather, hope you will be ok.

23 Jun, 2008


Thank you all for your comments, didn't mean to worry you!! was a strong storm but actually passed quickly...the only damage we had was that it blew one of my mother's hanging baskets down...we're in the rainy season and it actually rains every day - usually in the evening...I love watching the storms come in; they can be scary but it's so dramatic to watch..., and it cools off the temps a bit...we don't have air conditioning! Augh! And at noon it's a balmy 36 C, in the early morining it's around 28 C but then warms up.

And El Salvador won, 3-1. ! =)

24 Jun, 2008


Thanks Marguerite, I'm glad you enjoy the blogs! It is fun to watch the storms come in, at my parents' home the house is on top of a small hill (well, it was a hill now it's super populated by suburban sprawl!) and I love to watch the clouds coming in...especially the very dark black ones, we can actually see the rain coming down in the surrounding hills and the volcano before it hits us...I should tell my dad about the UPS, we don't have one, we do have a surge protector, but it's probably not as effective...But I have to tell you, as much as I love El Salvador, I hate hot temperatures! I know that's a contradiction...but oh it's just terrible when it gets humid and HOT (I should mention we don't have air conditioning, just ceiling fans) and you can't escape it...Aughh!

9 Jul, 2008

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