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By Raquel


I feel somewhat badly that I always forget to mention the two other plants that I have that are NOT flowering plants….it’s not that I love them any less, it’s just that I tend to favor – perhaps unjustly – the showiness of flowers and don’t quite appreciate as much the beauty and peacefulness of greenery…=) This Boston fern was left behind when my neighbors moved out (yes, the same neighbors that left me the big white ugly container )and for a long time I had no idea what kind of fern it was…we did have a history, this fern and I , though, even when my neighbors were here, because for some reason it was onthe verge of dying once, and Mario left it on my side of the balcony and then seemed to just kind of…forget it! I felt so sorry for it I started watering it, I gave it fertilizer and then, when the fern starting sprouting new leaves, Mario took it back! =0 Maybe that’s part of the reason he left it there for me when he left.

This other plant seems to me to be something like a banana leaf, though I really have no idea what it is! I need to put it as a question on GOY! My mother visited me in 2005, and bought me this tiny leaf cutting at the 99 cent store on Westheimer…who knew it would grow and grow!! It’s now huuuuge…and I always feel I’m doing wrong by it, because it probably needs a new pot, however, it always sprouts new leaves and seems grateful…it is getting too big and heavy for me to move it however, and so I can’t put it closer to the balcony when it rains which is too bad…it needs to stay on the landing, though, because it needs shade – the heat and humidity don’t seem to affect it, but it definitely burns if left in direct sunlight! My only problem now is that a wasp (I wonder if it is a “beneficial” wasp like the books say help gardens) has built its nest under one of the leaves…so now I avoid touching it because I don’t want to anger mama wasp! =0 Held hostage by a wasp, who’d have believed it !

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Your plant is a banana Racquel and your Boston fern looks very healthy.

23 May, 2008


Thanks, Mikec, I really wondered what it was for such a long time...The Boston fern sometimes does get a bit yellowed, what do you think could cause that?

2 Jun, 2008

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