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New birdfeeder!


By Raquel


My birdfeeder finally arrived after much waiting (14 days!) and I’ve set it up on the balcony:

I put it near the Boston fern hoping that the greenery and the impatiens nearby (and the tomatoes) will entice the birds to come or at least draw their attention!

I bought the feeder on-line, it’s a Duncraft model and seems sturdy and well-made. So I am very pleased with it and it WAS cheaper to buy it on-line.

The clay bowl is filled with water, I stacked it so that it would be a little higher off the ground.

I’m not sure that the birds have found the feeder yet, but I’m hoping they will soon…then again, there do seem to be some seeds scattered in the water and the feeder tray that weren’t there before…so maaaaybe they already had a nice meal!

I have asked Santa for some small windchimes to put between the railings, we’ll see if he come through or if the letter gets lost on the way to the North Pole! I’ve been a good girl Santa, REALLY I have! LOL

I feed the birds a mix of nuts and seeds called: Nut N’ Berry from Wild Delight and it says that it contains “a premium wild bird food containing hulled seeds, sunflower seeds, nutmeats, raisins and fruits. Attracts and feeds songbirds, woodpeckers, cardinals, finches, titmice, jays, grosbeaks, tanagers, buntings, nuthatches, chickadees, [and this next part makes me laugh] and other outdoor pets.” Mmmm I think they’re referring to our friends the seasonal squirrels! =) I also love how it feels the need to state “Not for human consumption” which you would think people would know, and even so, if it’s good for the birds if should be good for us, no? lol

Maybe a book on birds wouldn’t go amiss among my requests for Santa!

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Nice feeder, hope this brings the birds to you Raquel.

13 Dec, 2008


Very nice feeder Raquel. I hope you have lots of visitors to it. It's so much fun to sit and watch the little birds flitting about.

13 Dec, 2008


Nice feeder & blog enjoyed reading it.

14 Dec, 2008


Good luck how could any passing bird resist this ?

What type of bird do you think will visit do you have finches ?

14 Dec, 2008


Looks good Raquel,
If you want a book my fav is the Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible by Sally Roth. It has all kinds of ideas!

14 Dec, 2008


Thank you for all your comments.

I think the birds have been visiting as there are a lot of cracked sunflowers seeds at the bottom of the tray...haven't seen them though.

I don't know Bonkersbon, I really do need a bird book as I don't know the names...I have seen for sure the cardinals and grackles and once, a brillian green hummingbird.

Thanks Wohlibuli I will look at the book...any suggestion is welcome!

17 Dec, 2008


There are many different birding ID books and each member of my family has their own favorite. I prefer my old Golden bird book but one of the newer ones called Sibley Guide is also very nice.

17 Dec, 2008


Thanks Wohlibuli for the suggestions. I saw birds eating at the birdfeeder today! They were a type I had never seen before. Couldn't take a picture as it wasn't handy. But I'm excited!

17 Dec, 2008

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