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If you love birds you love dinosaurs.


By Raquel


Really! A couple of weeks ago I went to an exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science called “Dinosaur Mummy CSI” and one of the new things that they’ve been able to prove now is that modern birds are the descendants of dinosaurs! There were some pretty small dinosaurs that looked like reptiles but were covered with feathers, they are thought to be the direct ancestors of modern birds. But even the big dinosaurs (OK, huuuuge is more like it!) are thought to have had some downy feathers though just for decoration, for attracting mates, etc. And of course now no one believes they were cold-blooded – they were warm-blooded, like modern birds. Amazing, huh?

If you think of the large flightless birds, extinct and still living (the dodo bird, the ostrich, the kiwi bird), they do resemble least I’ve always had that impression.

For such a long time only the fossil archaeteorptyx ? (I’m sure I’ve mispelled it!) showed feathers on it – I saw a replica at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, I believe the original is in the British Museum! – so it’s nice more proof has been found linking birds and dinosaurs.

So next time you’re feeding the birds remember you’re feeding a tiny dinosaur! =)

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Very informative. thanks Raquel. :o)

13 Dec, 2008


Hi Raquel often get called a bit of a dinosaur myself.

Yes have seen the archeo ... arcoptr.. the long dead bird in the British Natural History museum.

It had claws on its wing edges like bats do - so wonder if there is link there too ? Interesting to consider how flora and fauna evolved ( oh hark at me like I would know ! ) .

This coast of England often called the dinosaur coast as some amazing fossils found.

On the beach well rocks on the beach of course - near us some huge dinosaur footprints were found casts of which displayed in local museum.

14 Dec, 2008


We live close to a coastal area where fossils are always being found. I think dinosaur bones as well - but no Archi-wotsits. I can't spell it either.

I shall be looking at my feathered friends wih new eyes, now.

14 Dec, 2008


Thanks Gilli.

Ha ha BB I'm sure you're not! Interesting idea about the bats, you never know! Maybe bats are an in-between stage between dinosaurs and birds. I've heard of the finds in England, there was mention of a young woman who found the first complete pleisiosaur or ichthyosaurus(looks kinda like a dolphin) in the 1800's!

Yes Spritz birds do seem different once you connect them to the nice that you and BB have fossils on the beach! That would be awesome!

My dad began the dino craze in our family when he took us to the La Brea tar pits in California in the early 80s. =)

17 Dec, 2008

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