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Temperature dropped 20 points!


By Raquel


This afternoon the temperature was 74 F (23 C) and rumors of a temperature drop in the evening seemed..well..ridiculous or overblown but by 8:00pm it was 51 F (10 C)! It is now 11:00pm and it has dropped to 41 F (4 C). The low tonight is supposed to be 38 F (about 3 C). Amazing! Though uncommon in December – this feels more like January/February weather, the temps sometimes do drop this quickly or even quicker…I remember one day last Spring when the temp was a balmy 80 F (almost 30 C I think) and in a matter of HOURS it had dropped dramatically so much so that I had to go back home and switch from a blouse to a sweater and jacket! This made me a believer in the theory that the mammoths in Siberia froze in a sudden dramatic climate change when the weather plunged abruptly. Brrrr I know it’s still not cold by a lot of your standards but it’s COLD in Houston…..! And windy to boot…

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that is one serious drop in temp Raquel.
its frosty here again this morning, meant to get up to 5 degrees here again today

10 Dec, 2008


Goodness gracious! Several seasons in one day, Raquel! How do the poor plants cope with it?

10 Dec, 2008


What a shock to your system let alone the plants. Hope it's warmer now.

10 Dec, 2008


Not bad here today, its been cold but sunny, with a cold breeze, but the good bit is its dried all my washing & the towels are lovely and soft & smell great.

10 Dec, 2008


I saw on the weather channel last night that Texas was having ice and snow as far south as Austin. I hope you didn't get any of that. Today, we are supposed to have rain from the same front that passed by you yesterday. We are already having tornado watches and flash flood warnings! Seems like spring weather to me.

10 Dec, 2008


Gosh Raquel, how do your plants cope with that? No time to adjust.

10 Dec, 2008


It is Irish (or should I call you Eileen?). Today we had your weather! The highest temp today was 41 F (5 C). Right now it has dropped to 33 F (0.56 C).

I don't know Spritz, I think most of them are pretty hardy, but I wonder how my roses and the tomatoes will cope...and the banana tree! That one worried me the most. So far the flowering plants seem OK. But they might have been burned by the cold. Only time will tell!

Thanks Wagger - it is a shock! I wore a fleece jacket today but not my warmest winter coat which I have for when I travel to the East coast and I was coooold this morning....I just didn't believe it would actually snow! And it did!

I don't mind the cold when it's sunny Clarice..oh I love the smell of freshly washed towels!

The weather's crazy Wohlibuli, a colleague who's a native Texan told me he couldn't remember it having ever snowed this early...We did get the cold snowy front, and we're further south than Austin, only one hour away from the coast...of course people are excited because it NEVER snows here...

I don't know Pottygardener, we'll see how they do, so far they look OK, but I doubt the tomato will make it through unscathed...I think they try to sell hardy types here, but we'll see...

11 Dec, 2008


Just heard about your snow R,
Can't believe the consequences, we are now dealing with flooding!
Can't be just normal can it?

11 Dec, 2008

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