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A cardinal!


By Raquel


I got up very early this morning to take out the trash (had to walk aaalllll the way down two flights of stairs and go to the far end of the parking lot! Augh!) and what did I see when I was coming back, on my third floor balcony? A cardinal!!

He (it must have been a male because he was so brightly colored) flew in and perched on the black railing, close to my flowers though he didn’t hop about them, as I hoped he would – and then flew away into the bright blue sky.

I could hardly believe it!!

What could he have been doing so far south? I thought they were cold weather birds!

In any case, I was delighted to see him, it brought back memories of seeing cardinals in Virginia, especially during spring.

What a nice way to begin the day!

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thats a beautiful way to start the day Raquel, im sure he will be back to your balcony.

25 Jul, 2008


Cardinals live year round in the south US. So put out a little sunflower seeds and maybe he will become a regular visitor.

25 Jul, 2008


Hi Irish: it really is, I hope he does come back - it made getting up early worthwhile! =)

Oh I didn't know that Wohlibuli; I've seen these nice birdfeeders so if i can figure out where to put it I'll do that! Thanks!

25 Jul, 2008


wow black swans! now I would love to see know I was looking at a world map trying to create a mental picture of where the UK is to see if i could figure out where you're all from and where Australia is and I thought it was the cutest thing that one of the deserts in Australia is just called the "Great Sandy Desert"!! lol

28 Jul, 2008

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