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Sheets of rain


By Raquel


I’ve been sitting at my desk, watching the sheets of rain come down from Dolly, the hurricane turned tropical storm turned tropical depression…=) Luckily we only got bands of rain every so often, and very little wind…Now that I’m ready to go home, it’s beginning to pour, of course!

It always amazes me how th sky turns slate grey and not even the downtown skyline is visible…it remains warm, of course, and will get hotter once the storm passes…heard it say that it gets hotter as a storm approaches, cools off slightly as it makes landfall and gets hot again afterwards! I suppose it’s the humidity…

It’s rained so hard at times that the rain has pounded on the walls of my apt building – waking me up with thunder about 4am last night and watering all my plants! most often this doesn’t happen, and rain or no rain I have to water my plants myself… =)

I love storms but I confess that storms coming from the Gulf of Mexico do scare me and make me wary…I look up at the darkening sky and feel dread…don’t know why that should be, perhaps because with no hills there’s little to stop the storm’s fury…but rain in Houston is like snow in other parts of the world, unless there’s outright flooding, life goes on as usual, works goes on and – much to my students chagrin – so do tests and presentations!

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Yep! That's Houston. While living there in the 70's we had 3 hurricanes and life pretty much goes on as usual as you say. Hope you don't have to wade the streets to get home. I remember that too! Good Luck!!

24 Jul, 2008


I agree, I've never seen so much destruction as we've had this spring/summer season. Very scary business to say the least. What kind of weather maladies occur in Australia Marguerite? If you tell me none...I'm on the next plane. lol :)

25 Jul, 2008


Good morning Raquel! Am glad to hear the hurricane effects have not been too terribly bad for you. I'm afraid I'd be a nevous wreck with anticipation. Living in the mid-west is bad enough with the threat of tornadoes, but I sure wouldn't want to deal with hurricanes too! Good luck...hope you don't have to go through any more of that this summer.

25 Jul, 2008


Hi Wohlibuli: I've been lucky so far, the only hurricane since I've lived here which was supposed to hit Houston (but didn't, luckily!) was Rita - Haven't had to wade home yet, but I have gotten completely drenched - to the point were I just put away my umbrella because it wasn't helping and just got wet - while waiting for the bus! Remember that line from "Four weddings and a Funeral" 'There's a point where you're so wet you can't get any wetter'? Well, it wa slike that. =)

Hi Marguerite: Yes, I finally figured out that your part of the world must be similar, it's just hard to get my head round it, I have to say I have never really thought about what the weather must be like on the opposite hemisphere! We were lucky in Houston, for sure, just three, three and a half hours is San Padre Island, where the hurricane made landfall, and it's terrible, the homes destroyed and they're still without electricity! It also hit the Rio Grande Valley pretty bad, as well. I've never been though that and hope i never do!

Hi 1198: yes, the flooding in the midwest - Iowa and Ohio, I think - was just horrible! I saw pictures, also of St Louis...I think I'd be more scared of the tornadoes, though - but I suppose the basements serve their purpose, here we're stuck because you can't build basements! Cros yourfingers we don't get many more, but hurricane season just got started so the odds are we'll have a couple more storms - =(

25 Jul, 2008

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