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By Raquel


Finally, this week I was able to make my spray for the flowers…I took a recipe from Louise Riotte’s book “Roses Love Garlic” and is supposed to be good against red spiders and aphids.

Here is the recipe:

All Purpose Spray: grind together three hot peppers, three large onions, and
whole bulb of garlic (peeled and chopped). Cover the mash with water and allow to stand overnight. Strain the following day and add enough water to make a gallon of spray. Use it on roses, chrysanthemums, azaleas, beans and other crops up to three times a day if infestation is exceptionally heavy.

I’ve modified to recipe to make less, as I don’t need quite this amount!

Riotte recommends the mash be buried in the garden, especially near rosebushes.

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thanks for that Raquel, it would be worth a try

2 Aug, 2008


Yes I might just try that. Aphids are such a problem.

3 Aug, 2008


Well Raquel, did it work? How about the sweet smell of your roses, did it disappear. I had a few aphids the other day on my pink roses, I sprayed oil on them and it sure did the trick. Funny how I have many birdies here, little ones too, and I have not once seen one on the roses to eat aphids. I have no ladybirds here either, they are the best aphids gobblers. In my farm garden I always had them as well as birds eating aphids. That happened when my cat had died: the birds came back to my garden. Actually also before then, because this cat was 18 and she didn't hunt anymore after 14!

3 Aug, 2008


Hi Blodyn and Irish: if you do try it let me know if it works! =)

Hi Marguerite: it seems to be working fine, though sometimes it's hard to tell...but all my roses are blooming, the red one especially almost looks like they could be red berries among the green leaves from far away...I don't know if it's because they're hybrid miniatures, but I have never smelled any scent from them...this could also be due to my any case, I haven't noticed anything...I've never had a cat, for some reason my parents don't like them, and it never occurred to me to get one after I left home, either, but - just a random comment - I've read that catnip and baby blue eyes are nice treats for them to have in the garden.

4 Aug, 2008

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