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Down the Garden Path Part 4


You can see the Juniper and Honesty referredd to in last blog. well next is a CHOISYA TERNATASUNDANCE’. A permanently bright yellow bush. It has Plant Breeders Rights on it. So I was never able to propagate it for sale. To sell it you have to buy in from a larger Nursery that can afford the basic fee. This i a good thing because it has encouraged me to keep two for myself, there is another larger one on the Garage wall.
The low hedge is of DWARF BOX (Buxxus sempervirens suffruticosa) about 20 years old Growth is about 4 ins. per year but that hasn’t stopped it getting wider and taller. At the end of it is a GOLDEN BOX (Buxus semp. maculata aurea) strangely enough this one grows faster than the green hedge. It has bigger leaves and sometimes gets hit by a late frost in the Spring..
In the bed are a few Succulents. an ALOE MELANOCANTHA
or a close relative. The spines are not black as they should be so the name is uncertain.. It has had a bright red spike of flowers this Summer. The trouble with these big Succulents is space in the Winter.
A permanernt resident is the ball of VIBURNUM TINUS beside the pathway to the Lawn. I left cutting it back too late this year so it is unlikely to flower. Another onwe I can’’t bring myself to scrap.
Thedre are a lot of self sown CALENDULA (Pot Marigolds) in the bed also Forget-me-nots. The AGERANTHEMUM with pink\ flowers will also have to go into cover for the Winter.

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Poaannua ~ can you please explain more about different types of Choisya.
Do some have more fragrance than others - in the foliage and in the flowers? Thank you.

18 Sep, 2008


I like your hedge. Are those Heleniums or rudbeckias in the corner. ?

18 Sep, 2008


I like Choisyas. There was an enormous one in the garden before we had the Garden Room built - I loved it - but it had to go. I soon planted another Choisya ternata, and also C. t. 'Aztec Pearl' AND a C.t. 'Sundance! They are all only small shrubs at the moment, though.

18 Sep, 2008

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