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Frozen up


This must be the coldest pre Christmas weather for many years. . It all looks lovely and white, but not the best place for an ancient like me.The Greenhouse is heated by a blower and helped by some undersoil heating. Which I have had to turn off so the blower can blow all day long. I should have a thermostat, but it has never been a problem before as the daytime temperature always seemed high enough. It seems strange that we are having high ranking discussions re global warming and here we are with an amazing cold December.
I am lucky to have an open fire,at the moment I’m burning the Leylandii cut down two years ago. Many of the old trunks are still standing, providing enough kindling to light many a fire in the future. The logs burn away very quickly so I have mixed them with Ash logs from one cut down only a few weeks ago.
I have extended The window ledges of the bedrooms each one has a grow bag tray so they can be watered safely, for other spaces I use half size seed trays. These were sent me by mistake ,the supplier thinking they had drainage holes but they hadn’t. I kept them however as they make fine drainage trays. They had to be well marked because at first I found myself using them by mistake for well drained ones.
It is very pleasing to have the succulents where I can see them in comfort. I shall have to treat them with insecticide as I notice a few very tiny black Aphids on the Kalanchoes. They are so small that it was only because I looked at them through a Magnfying glass that I realised they were there..I think Pro Vado is the cure and hope it doesn’t damage the plants.

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Interesting blog, Poaannua...
....keep warm.... and Merry Christmas. :o)

19 Dec, 2009


Like the blog, Poaannua, and the succulents' display is lovely...

19 Dec, 2009


Very nice blog, Poaannua, and I am glad that you are keeping warm.
I find that even in mid-winter I can get aphids on my greenhouse plants during a mild spell and have to check them regularly. Do you have to use Pro vado, I find that the soapy water spray usually does the job?

19 Dec, 2009


Your succulents look nice and cosy. Mine are outside the back door under a shelter. I hope they will be all right. We have no snow, just cold weather. It's horrible .

Merry Christmas to you :o))
Keep warm by your fire !

19 Dec, 2009


i like the sound of your fire Pouanna. your plants look cozy too..;-))
Hywel mine are in the tunel and grow shed. no heat but they are very dry so fingers crossed this cold spell dosent last too long. i dont remember it being this cold before christmas before....
back to your fire Pouanna we have a log burner in our shed. we use it as a family space in the winter. we have been chopping fresh ash all week from some over grown trees at the bottom of our garden. nothing better than seeing the log pile build. with all our visitors over the holidays we will be making good use of the extra space.
hope u have a warm cosy christmas...;-))

19 Dec, 2009


Nice blog, Pouanna! :-) You are right about the wintery weather though, I can't remember a pre-Christmas cold snap like this before. Ironic that it should come when all the countries of the world are arguing over climate change in Copenhagen! If the planet is getting warmer you wouldn't expect a cold snap like this before Christmas. But the weather doesn't attend to our conventions of seasons & what we should expect in them. This is probably just a side effect of the warming climate. After all we had one of the warmest autumns in many a year - but also the wettest November for many a year as well!

The snow hasn't come to much here, just a few centimetres but the frost is something else. We had a couple of degrees centigrade below freezing last night & expect it to be even colder tonight.

We are even forecast a band of snow crossing East Anglia during the night & leaving us several centimetres more of snow. My wife has just this minute told me it is raining at this moment. Looks like we may not have snow after all! :-)

Keep warm & have a lovely Christmas.

19 Dec, 2009


global warming or climate change...has long predicted that for us here it would mean wetter colder winters. lets hope the world leaders DO make enough changes...
we have rain here....very cold rain...

19 Dec, 2009


agree it is very cold . minus 5 in the greenhouse and the calor gas cylinder has run out and too snowy to get out to replace it. ah well mother nature at her best!

your plants look snug on their window ledges. can see the snow out there too.
take care if you go outside.

20 Dec, 2009


Thanks very much for your kind comments. It was another cold night and snow fell then froze, so all my swept paths are now unsweepable. Back indoors now after swift walk rounnd the grounds, keeping under the trees where there is less snow. Only unfrozen is under the Giant Sequoia, which has such thick cover that I use it as a shed for pots etc.. I dare not open the tunnel where I have kept my Echeveria secunda for many years, but fear this is their finale. Never mind though it is lovely to look at and I can do some of those indoor jobs that I should have done months ago Happy Christmas to one and all.

20 Dec, 2009


Merry xmas to you and a very interesting blog and photos keep warm by your fire..

20 Dec, 2009

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