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Down the Garden Path. Part 3


Outside the gate mixed in with the Golden Yew is OREGON GRAPE (Mahonia aquifolium) It has bunches of yellow flowers in the Spring , which look quite nice on a dusty cormer.. In through the gate on the right there is a little pathway to the lawn (mostly Moss) A Cotoneaster is hidden away here and behind it a massive VIBURNUM TINUS , already showing a few little flowers. It hides the trunk of an AUTUMN FLOWERING CHERRY , now very decrepit and flowering in the Spring, losing its memory due to old age. These three Yew, Cherry and Viburnum were all planted about 40 years ago. Next in line is a GINKGO BILOBA (The Maidenhair Tree)! The leaves of this are now changing colour to a bright yellow. I think it shows up in this picture. In rocks of 200 million years ago leaves of this tree can be seen. Possibly the very first link between Conifers and other earlier plant life such as the Cycads. There is only the Maidenhair Fern with leaves of this type making it easy to identify.. It is doubtful if any are still growing wild. ,fortunately they were saved in Chinese Temple Gardens. They seem to be resistant to pests and diseases. This one is about 30 to 40 years old and I raised it from seed.
Just behind it is a Variegated JUNIPERUSCONSTANCE FRANKLIN”. This was given me by a keen Rock Plant Enthusiast who believed his end was nigh and wanted to make sure this tree names after his Wife would not be lost to cultivation. .I made sure I took cuttings and added it to my Plant List. I never saw Mr. Franklin again.
Just visible are seed heads of HONESTY, ready to be taken indoors and the skins taken off the’ pennies’ I never sow these thew always seed themselves.
Now time for bed and I’ve only just started

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So many lovely plants. It must be very satisfying to see 40 year old trees that you raised from seed. Many of us have moved around too much to see this.

17 Sep, 2008


What a lovely tour this is. I'm enjoying it - keep it going!

17 Sep, 2008


I'm still following you along the path, Poaannua, and I'm really enjoying it.

17 Sep, 2008


I like Ginkos. In my old garden I had one. It didn't grow very tall because it was on a slope with poor soil.
When I moved here I took lots of cuttings because I couldn't dig the big one up, and I wanted one in my new garden. Most of the cuttings rooted so now I've got about 7 or 8 spare ones.
I like these guided tours around your garden.

18 Sep, 2008

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