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Rock Garden Renewal part 2.


This is the view from the west. I forgot to put a title to the previous Blog, so after writing quite a lot , lost it all. There are 47 Permanent Residents in the North Island and 8 Summer visitors. mostly Succulents. I have cut down the Cotton Lavender (Santolina) and the Lavender Munstead. and will probably replace them with younger plants of the same. There is a Cotoneaster horizontalis at the east end which I have left in the past because of the berries, but this year a poor show has given me an excuse to cut it into a mound.
My Son gave me a book for my Birthday entitled NIWAKI. About pruning and shaping trees in the Japanese way. Which I have tended to do for a long time, but this jolted me into going out with the secateurs and shears, to do even more Niwaki. No doubt this has encouraged me to renew this Rock Garden.

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Wow, I've just looked up Niwaki on the internet. A very interesting and complicated art.

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your progress with Niwaki, Poaannua. I bet you do well with it.

As you say in your other blog, DOING the actual task, can often be a lot more fun than having to write about it.

But be assured your lovely photos and descriptions on GOY are much appreciated !

24 Aug, 2008


Terratooonie I have managed two more pictures of the Rock Garden. Marguerite. I do understand how you feel, but it is no worse than growing a hedge or pruning a Fruit tree. It does let one keep a lot of trees in a small area. I must say though that it was the raising of trees from seed or cuttings that led me into Bonsai, because few other Nurserymen would sell very young trees suitable for Bonsai and this , acting like an Artist's materieals supplier provided my living., or part of it. I started by selling Rock Garden Plants , grown in quantity for the Mail Order market. We live in a no access street, so depended on Mail order for sales.That was years ago. Now I am 84 and left with the trees and plants still remain ing, including a 45 year old Giant Redwood. Not all my trees are kept cropped. You are so kind hearted you think the trees feel pain. I do hope it isn't so.

24 Aug, 2008


Poaannua, please can you show us a pic of your Giant Redwood?

11 Sep, 2008

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