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Rock Garden renewal


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This is the North Island of my Rock Garden. I have just removed several large shrubby plants including a large white Erica vagans (Cornish Heather) and replaced with Sedum spectabile to give some September colour and attract Butterflies. I posted that picture without this message. So will write more later

24 Aug, 2008


I love them, and they make valuable and interesting additions to any garden. We have a gravel/alpine garden in a trough and it gives all year round intererest as well as attracting butterflies and insects. Iv'e also made a small one for a table top in the garden.The colours and textures in your photo are lovely.
Many thanks Poaannua for this interesting Blog.

24 Aug, 2008


Poaannua, I'll be interested to know if you have good success with butterflies on Sedum spectabile.

In Cambridgeshire some years back these plants were very good for attracting the butterflies, but have been disappointing in more recent times.

I've several S. spectabile in my front garden and I'm hoping for better things this year.

Please photograph any butterflies you see on your plants, Poaannua. Thanks.

24 Aug, 2008


I love looking at rock gardens. I've decided that I really must get round to creating one. Yours looks great!

24 Aug, 2008


Terratoonie. I'll put on a few Butterfly pictures but, There have been very few on my Buddleias, let alone anywhere else. I think its the damp weather, as well as the weedkiller destroying food plants like Nettles. I'm writing a new blog because this one, I got in a muddle.

24 Aug, 2008


Oh, Poaannua, thanks for admitting you got in a muddle. I do that sort of thing too ! I'm the ultimate technophobe who is worried about posting photos etc! LOL

You might have got in a muddle with your blog, but your rock garden is just wonderful. Well done.

24 Aug, 2008


Thanks Terratoonie, I pleased to say my follow up was successful. Grenville. The Sedum spectabile are just visible at the far end of this picture. The Cotoneaster I mention in next Blog is facing you as you look at this picture. Thanks for your comments, much more fun to do these jobs and then talk about them.

24 Aug, 2008

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