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The Garden June 1st. 2012


Thought you might like a wander through the estate as it was on the 1st of June 2012.

Papaver oriental hybrid with fringed flowers

The front garden


Asphodeline lutea

Papaver ?heldreichii

By the back door.

Meconopsis cambrica red form.

Sedum spathulifolium Cape Blanca

Erodium hybrid


Tickle my tummy, Ben the co-owner of the garden.

Aethionema saxatile

Thymus, white flowered form

Genista procumbens

Papaver ?atlanticum

From the kitchen window

To the right from the window


Armeria maritima

Saponaria ?ocymoides

Gypsophila repens alba

Ptilotrichum spinosum roseum

Polemonium caeruleum

Viburnum plicatum

Syringa vulgaris alba

Back along the rock garden

Allium karataviense

The left hand side of the River bed

The right hand side of the River bed

Sorbus cashmeriana

Towards the Vista

Tiarella cordifolia

Iris in the Lily pond

The Hidden Garden

Iris ensata form

Viburnum plicatum compactum

Climbing rose

Meconopsis cambrica yellow form

Aethionema Warley Rose

Into the Yellow Border. Co-owner Bill leading the way.

Paeonia lactiflora form

Viburnum plicatum mariesii

Across the Sedum scree to the pond

Along the Vista to the Swing seat

Polemonium caeruleum album

Iris sibirica


Helianthum, pale yellow, pink, and a white one too.

Erodium hybrid

Name escapes me!

Erysimum sp.

Down the Yellow border

Alchemilla mollis

Weigela florida versicolor

From the bench to the Trip trap bridge

From the bench to the pond

From the bench along the Yellow border

Thermopsis montana

Iris sibirica Silver Edge

Phytolacca americana flowering

Into the Damson Wood

Looking back out of the Wood

The Gazebo in the Wood

Weigela which we cannot remember planting here.

The throne in the Wood

Cirsium rivulare atropurpurea

Hesperis matrionalis

The pond

Algae in the pond

Lychnis flos-cuculi Jenny

From the pond to the houses

Geum Blazing Sunset

Erysimum Sprite

Pinus mugo cones

The Alpine lawn

New Crevice garden

Reverse view up the Sedum scree to the houses

Along the Boulder Bank

Roscoea scilloides dark form


Roscoea cautleoides

Clematis montana wilsonii over the Summer House

The Slate bed to the Arnor

The Slate bed

View from the Arbour seat

The Pergola

The Vista from the Swing seat

Geum Cooky

Geranium Kashmere White

Geranium macrorhizum

Aquilegia aberrant form

Aquilegia aberrant form pink.

Medlar Nottingham flower

The small alpine bed

Allium karataviense Ivory Queen

Geum Pink Frills

Alpine bed. The gardener did not want to be photographed.

Gravel path through the old Prairie beds

The Iris garden

Yellow Dutch Iris

Purple Dutch Iris

White Dutch Iris

The Roadside border

The New Forest border

New planting in part of the old Prairie beds

Syringa meyeri Palibin

Blue Dutch Iris

Weigela dark leafed form

More of the Roadside border

Weigela pale pink form

Geum ?Prinses Juliana

Back along the old Prairie beds and the New Forest path

The gravel garden

Newly planted up Saxifrage bed

The Alpine house

The Alpine house

Shade garden ferns

Allium Lucille Ball in Lucie’s garden

Camassia leichtlinii alba

My Greenhouse

Lonicera American Beauty

The Cemetary

The Crevice garden

Finally the Alpine beds under the Cherry tree.

Sorry if some of the photos are a bit fuzzy, it was blowing a gale.

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What a fantastic estate you do have Owdboggy, beautiful vistas and gardens. I really loved the tour, it must take you all your time looking after it and what an amazing job you've done.....loved it!!

2 Jun, 2012


Wow!! Some great flowers. Aren't the irises and geums wonderful this year? You have a lovely "estate". Thank you for sharing this with us.

2 Jun, 2012


Absolutely fabulous, to coin a phrase!

2 Jun, 2012


what a wonderful tour,do you have a team of gardeners ? going back for another look/drool

2 Jun, 2012


Respect Owdboggy!

2 Jun, 2012


Wow Owdboggy - I'm so tired after the walk around your magnificent garden. You must be so very proud of it - it's stunning!

2 Jun, 2012


Ok it takes me all my time to keep my little plot in order, how do you do it - I take my hat off to you - fantastic.

2 Jun, 2012


Thanks for the tour owdboggy. I could spend hours in that sort of garden.
PS. Thermopsis montana

2 Jun, 2012


Such an amazing garden you have Owdboggy.....and so big, thank you for showing it, beautiful...:>)

2 Jun, 2012


What is there left to say! Your garden is absolutely stunning Owdboggy. There are so many beautiful plants it amazes me how you find the time!
That Viburnum is my favourite....I think! :)

2 Jun, 2012


i really enjoyed your tour,fab.

2 Jun, 2012


Thank you for sharing your lovely garden. I have so enjoyed a walk around it with my early morning cup of tea!

3 Jun, 2012


Thank you Andrewr, name changed.
The co owners do a little bit of watering and digging, but the main work is done by myself and my wife, no hired help (would be nice to be able to afford it sometimes).
Glad you all enjoyed it, despite the weather and a few losses after the Winter and early drought, it is looking quite reasonable. Wish the weeds died as readily as the expensive plants though.

3 Jun, 2012


Lovely photos enjoyed looking at them all.

3 Jun, 2012


Wow what a garden, beautiful design you've got there and some fabulous plants. Hats off to you for keeping it looking so nice, looks like a huge garden.

3 Jun, 2012


How lovely! I especially like the river bed and the scree - just beautiful.

12 Jun, 2012


Such a wonderful tour... I can hardly take it all in at once... must return for another look !

20 Jun, 2012


Wow !! I could wonder through that garden all day

23 Jun, 2012

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