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Spring is in the air. Our snow is just about all gone and it will get up to 50 degrees here today. I was walking around out back in my garden early this morning and I can’t wait to get going on all the projects that I want to do. I plan on getting back out there this afternoon to start bundling up what’s left of the patio cover for trash pick up.

My first project will be to get the addition to the shade house up but first the herb/veggie garden will have to be moved which is a raised bed made from pressure treated lumber. I will be getting my first good spring excerscise hauling wheelbarrows full of soil :)

In this photo you can see where the herb/veggie garden is. The new addition to the shade house will take it’s place. As you can see I also have a few perennials and rosebushes to move.

This photo is the area where I want to move the veggie/herb garden to. Right in the center of the lawn area. This photo also shows what the patio cover looked like. It’s gone :(

I’ve never done much with seeds but I want to try my hand at it this year. I picked up some seeds yesterday and will get some started tomorrow. This is a list of what I bought…

Moon Flower Vine
Sweet Peas

I especially enjoy having pots of Nasturtiums around. In the past I have bought them potted up.

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Nasturtiums and Sweet Peas I find are really easy to grow and both look fabulous when in flower, What colours have you got or are they mixed?

9 Mar, 2008


I bought one envelope of the traditional orange color and another called " Saltwater Taffy Swirls " The envelope says... Delectable color tints of blue, maroon, chocolate, burnt orange, crimson red and rich purple swirled flowers.

9 Mar, 2008


Once you seeds germinate you will be hooked on sowing seeds for evermore, there is nothing like it Happy gardening

9 Mar, 2008


Ooops !!! The traditional orange color ones are Nasturtiums. The second envelope of Nasturtiums is
" Rainbow Whirlybird Mix " Rose, yellow, peach and tangerine.
The second envelope of Sweet Peas is " April in Paris "
Primrose cream edged with deep lilac.

9 Mar, 2008


I second Janette's comment...once you experience the joy and anticipation of seeds germinating and thinning and transplanting to'll be hooked and you'll have so much money left in your budget you'll be able to buy more shrubs or rosebushes or whatever you fancy...
Seeds for annuals just makes sense to me. I bought some Spencer sweetpeas...grew them before and they are so sweet smelling and the colours...just about the easiest drama there is. (sweet peas and morning glories)
Moonflower is an ipomea, right? be sure to post some pics...I was tempted by the moonflower but chose to stay with my heavenly blues. Grew zinnias last summer for the first time...they grew spectacularly and I just seeded them directly. If you happen to see the black stemmed Artemesia give it a go. it has lovely deep green leaves at the base, sends up 4 -6 ft. black stems with white inflorescence at the top... great stuff...think I have a pic..will post it. If you like scent try acidanthera...they are annual corms, like glads, with a nodding head of white starlike flowers with maroon throats...and their smell is mmmm-heavenly.

9 Mar, 2008


I bet your so happy the snow is melting Mikec&better weathers just around the corner4you :D

10 Mar, 2008


Hello everyone, I was in my glory today as I spent the greater part of the afternoon outside. It felt so good to be out there doing something. I got the pile of vines and pipes from the patio cover that I took down all cleaned up and out of the patio area. When everthing grows and fills in I think that I'm going to like it without the cover and wide open. I got the birdhouse that I made from the old dolls house up on the pole. I love the way it looks and it will look better when the climbing rosebush grows up and around it. A short while ago I looked out my window and there was a pair of sparrows sitting on the roof. I may get some tennats soon as there is a lot of activity around all the birdhouses. I noticed a lot of signs of life out in my garden today. All my Daffoldils, Crocus and Hyacinths are peaking out of the ground and a few of the perennials have their new shoots coming up. I'm posting photos of the patio area and the birdhouse in my photos.

10 Mar, 2008

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