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By MikeC


Hello everyone,

NO I haven’t disappeard off the face of the earth :) I’ve finished with my basement sealing and painting project and the outside of my foundation has also been sealed and painted. Now I’m working on painting my kitchen and bathroom while windows can still be left open. I hope to be finished by the end of next weekend. We havent had a major frost here yet but it has come close a couple of times. I’ll be getting out there soon and getting the gardens ready for winter which according to the Farmer’s Almanac is going to be a very cold and snowy one. I was just glancing at all the new blogs and photos that I’ve missed and it looks like I will have a lot of catching up to do once I get back in here regularly. Wishing you all well until then…

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Hi Mike . I was wondering what had hapened to you.
Good luck with the work.
I have loads to do here aswell - both house and garden. Just ask Amy, she's seen it.
I know where I'd rather be though.
All the best, Hywel.

6 Oct, 2008


Hi Mike, good to hear from you. can you let clueless kev out of your basement now lol

6 Oct, 2008


Nice to hear from you Mike. The temp dropped to !C here last night which is a bit close to frost although the forecast was for 5C. No frost in forecast for next 10 days but the weather always seems to surprise the forecasters. I think all our plants in the northern part of the world are now holding their breath and trying to keep going as long as they can. Some chrysanths havn't started to flower yet!!
Hope you have plenty of time to catch up with the photos and blogs that you've missed when the garden goes to sleep for the winter.

6 Oct, 2008


Back from the basement Mike?
That's good news.
You'll need all winter to catch up with our pictures:

Fascinating trees from Delonix1, Scotkat's hats, my dogs' new toy lawn-mowers, all kinds of canines from Irish, Hywel's cats, Chrispook's hubby painting the front garden....

How could you stay away so long?
Welcome back. :o)

6 Oct, 2008


That's a very good point, Marguerite.
Also cage birds can have bad reactions to decorating paint fumes, etc.

A plumber at my house was recently using a spray which smelt very strong, and I made sure budgie and dogs were well away from the fumes.

6 Oct, 2008


Hi Mike i bought some things a few weeks ago to decorate my lounge and this last weekend i've started doing it, sometimes it takes me ages to get into decorating, but once i start i quite enjoy it, but have to be left alone to do it.

6 Oct, 2008


Mmm well you been down in that basement so long Mike ,beginning to get suspicious of what you up to down there.

Suspect you been moving your garden indoors - like Tammielee ( where you been TL ? ) - ready to unveil an amazing Spring display next year.

6 Oct, 2008


Thanks everyone for your comments. Bonkers I assure you that there is nothing suspicious going on in the basement :) You're almost right about moving my garden to the basement. My partner has moved all is orchid cactus etc. down there and it looks a bit like the amazon jungle. I will post some photos. Marguerite and Teratoonie, Maxi is doing just fine with the paint smell. There is just about no odor with the paint I'm using. There shouldn't be, it's expensive enough. Like you Clarice it also takes me a while to get going on projects like this but once I start I get on a roll. Irish, I haven't seen any traces of clueless kev down there :)

6 Oct, 2008


It seems to be that time of year where everything is demanding attention and carving out some computer time is difficult. If our winter comes on as strong as predicted I think there will be lots of indoor time to catch up in. Not a huge fan of winter, love the snow, but travel and driveway maintenance are a bummer, but I am looking forward to having a bit of selfish time to sit here and visit leisurely once more. Looking forward to seeing (hearing from?) all our members who have not had a lot of time to post photos for a while, etc.
Hope your renovations work out well Mike! You certainly are ambitious!
Like you, all my little green friends are now indoors once more, and at my mercy once again, poor things. Lol : )

7 Oct, 2008


You see Mike knew you and your partner up to something
Moving your garden into the basement think you needed that special waterproof paint cos the pond is next !

7 Oct, 2008


SPLASH! There it goes!

8 Oct, 2008


And there's Cluelesskev, doing the doggie paddle.

8 Oct, 2008

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