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Spring 2024


By Lori


Hello Friends, it’s been a long time once again. Having compu difficulties… just lost 7K files of my photos on a windows whim. Time for a new laptop, methinks.

Alas… I cannot add any new photos… just tried to access and the files exist but the content is gone! The above tell the Ryot tale.. he’s doing fine, I’m happy to report.
The sad news is that our Rufus crossed the bridge five days after his 12th birthday on the 12th, January, 2024.

the march of time makes the stay of our beloveds into such a short, sweet, phase of our lives. I know he’s no longer suffering and that helps ease the pain of losing him a little.

I’ve been working on the streams and grooming the forest after the last two years of storms and fire. I can’t post pics of my progress because I only have access to my older pics that I posted here. Still working on grooming the wild and maintaining the irises and my other treasured perennials through seasons that have been anything but “normal”…

Growsonyou has become a treasure. The record of summers/gardens past that I can explore again… and see the works of my friends. (been on goY since 2008.)
Hello Everyone! My very best wishes!

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I'm sorry to hear of Rufus passing, Lori. It's always so heartbreaking losing one of our family pets. He's definitely gone to a happy, pain-free place.
I'm also sorry you've lost SO many photos, that's very frustrating and a lot of memories saved, gone. I wish you well after such a stressful time. Best wishes x

18 Mar, 2024


Hi Lori. It's been a long time for me too, but I'm hoping to persevere this time - my head's in a better place.

19 Mar, 2024


Oh Lori, what a tough start you've had to this year, surely it can only get better. Like you, I am grieving the loss of a dear pet, my canine companion and best mate whose life was cut short by epilepsy two days before Christmas. Some think they are 'only' pets but they are a significant part of our family. Life seems very empty without him but I am throwing myself into the new growing season, as it seems you are too. I hope the distraction will ease the pain for both of us and 2024 will bring comfort in some way.

21 Mar, 2024


It's been great to pop into goY again this a.m. and find comments from you all. Xela and Janie, we are grieving our darlings. the relative shortness of their lives compared to ours just doesn't register when you spot that little ball of fluff, or that waggy puppy tail and you just can't help yourself but to bring them into your heart! it's also good to hear that we're having a revival of our garden spirit, and perhaps a personal revival too, aye, Muddywalters?
Thanks for the positive reinforcement, Kate and Klahanie! I'm looking forward to summer now!

21 Mar, 2024


Lori its lovely to see you back on goy, so sorry to hear you have lost Rufus, such a lovely cuddly boy,he's been part of your life for so long, they become family don't they so its natural to grieve for them.
Don't know what we would do without our computers, such a shame about your photographs, I would be spitting feathers, the air turns blue if mine plays up or if I lose anything, now Derek is not here to sort things for me I get into a right pickle at times and don't mind admitting it,lol.
Take care now and enjoy yourself in your garden, it is time to treat yourself so as you can show us how you are getting on in your woodland and the stream....x

22 Mar, 2024


Hi Lori, it is such a shame when you lose photos, isn't it!
Perhaps if you get a new computer you can start taking photos of the woodland and stream.
I am sorry to hear of the loss of Rufus.
Sue is so right, they are part of the family and like her, the air turns blue when something goes wrong on my chrome book.
Google decided to move my pictures somewhere else and it took me ages to find them!
At least I have my garden photos on here!

24 Mar, 2024

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