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By Lori


Nature always triumphs…
don’t plant grass…
if it has bugs call in the birds, or heave it out….if it’s taking over…get to like it, or prune mercilessly or rip it out
….don’t expect everything you plant to thrive…get ready for failures…
if you have back trouble…you’re pursuing the wrong hobby…
if it’s doing fine…leave it alone…
if somethings wrong it’s a temporary wobble in the balancing act…
never underestimate the value of an earthworm….
plant the whole packet…
if it can be seeded directly into the it….
never enough space under the lights for all the wonderful new plants you want to enjoy….
don’t water at sunset…
take time to smell the flowers.
Tempus fugit…Carpe diem.

This is an excerpt of one of my first blogs on GoY. almost 10 yrs on…and I’m happy to find that I don’t want to change a word.

I hope all the friends I’ve made on GoY over the years are enjoying the extra time available for gardening in 2020!

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I'd add 'Don't cut grass' (but my OH disagrees!!).
'If you doubt, take it out'.
'Grow the whole packet if you have space or are prepared to nurture the extras to give away'.
'Definitely never enough space for all the 'Stars' we'd like to have but that makes us think harder about what we really love'.
'Take time to enjoy all the fascinating wildlife and birds who share the space with you. If we know more, we care more'.

Lovely blog, Lori. A good reminder!

13 Aug, 2020


thanks Ange! great additions!

13 Aug, 2020


couldn't agree more Lori,
I'd also include

add a few natives
leave the grass longer [or don't cut at all but my oh disagree too]
weed less
dead head less too.

13 Aug, 2020


Lovely blog, Lori. Great inspiration too..
Beautiful big summer sunflower to end it with, very apt 😊
It’s been a strange year for us all, but gardening is keeping us sane!

13 Aug, 2020


Brilliant advice Lori! Can't believe it is really 10 years since your first blog!!! I was interested in "Don't water at sunset" - If I water at all (only when its essential) its always in the evening so the poor plants don't die of thirst over night.
Thinking abut Ontario is is in case there's a frost overnight?

14 Aug, 2020


how could I forget the "natives"?... thanks SBG.
It's a joy to be able to go outdoors and commune with green and flowery things, Kate?
oops... can't count. it's 10 years on.. thanks Stera. Watering after sunset allows any water that might splash onto the leaves to remain there overnight, increasing humidity and trapping mould and mildew spores. In our humid summers we usually have powdery mildew problems.. and in the evening there is the natural dew which descends about that time. Interestingly, have you read about "heat of fusion"... If an early frost threatens the peaches in the Niagara Area the trees are watered with sprinklers. it, simply put, stops frost from becoming ice because of the heat produced when water changes state from liquid to solid and from damaging leaves and fruit until the temperature rises above freezing again. I think that's what you were referring to, right?
The temperature range in Southern Ontario is amazing... from summer to winter..30+ degrees C. in August to minus 30 degrees in January. our native plants are extremely tolerant.

14 Aug, 2020


I loved following all your blogs Lori, you worked so hard when you first moved there, I remember the times it was trial and era due to the fact you were new to that area, those years have simply flown past..
Thinking about it all seriously, I now say don't follow the gardening year as stated in my books, our seasons have changed so much, especially over the last 10-15yrs, now I follow Mother Nature, guess that counts as a change, I can grow plants/shrubs that would never survive here years back, if that is happening here it stands to sense it is also happening in other gardens, I can see the changes in mine and other members blogs if I look back , its all learning curves Lori isn't it, I'm also wise enough and old enough to know Mother Nature likes throwing spanners into the works, could just as easily revert our seasons to what I can remember in my youth, when winters were what we used to call proper winters and my gardening rarely started until mid April..

17 Aug, 2020


Oh those "proper winters"! I used to get awful chillblains as we didn't have the money for warm boots...Lori I have come across the latent heat of fusion - memories of physics lessons! It's the reason its possible to skate in really cold weather.I do remember hearing that owners of orchards sometimes spray the tree flowers if frost is expected - sounds counter intuitive doesn't it? But there's no danger of frost in one of our heatwaves, which is about the only time I water the beds. It must be difficult gardening with the wide temperature range you have to deal with!

17 Aug, 2020

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