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Plans for Spring


By Janey


A couple of weeks ago I went to check the tulip bulbs I kept from spring, with the intention of either planting them in the garden or using pots again, but they had decided to put all their energy into reproducing more tulips, so all very small bulblets which I knew wouldn’t flower for a few years, so into the compost bin they went!
Well a tidy of the greenhouse was necessary, only a tidy..haha.

I’ll repot the geraniums keep them for some colour in the greenhouse.

A visit to the GC was necessary, and have this pretty selection for Spring.
I really like the Dancing Doll range, such a pretty shape.

These lovely ones too.

I really love these, gorgeous shades.

And these with the unusual daffs. I think I may plant these in the garden by the greenhouse, I think they’ll look good with forget- me- nots which have seeded everywhere, but are so easy to transplant.

Couldn’t resist these vivid blue pansies..:)

This piece of the garden is in front of the greenhouse and this is a type of lonicera. I’m going to brighten the area with clumps of daffs for Spring.

The same here. I was so pleased my tamarix regrew after it was cropped last January.

Thanks for having a look, I think spring will look much brighter down here..:))

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You have a great selection there Janey...Will look forward to seeing them in the Spring. I remember having a Tamarisk many years ago...I was quite new to gardening then and planted it in the wrong position....they are so beautifully ethereal looking.

13 Oct, 2023


Thanks Julia. This Tamarix was a small tree when we came here, but over the years it dominated this part of the garden. I can keep it controlled myself now.
What about your tulips from last spring? Have you managed to plant them again? I was so disappointed to see mine.

13 Oct, 2023


Sorry Janey,I meant to add the same happened to mine...had to buy more!

13 Oct, 2023


A lovely mix x

13 Oct, 2023


I know Monty says that they're only meant for one season these days Julia, isn't it a shame though.

Hello Stripes, thank you so much.

13 Oct, 2023


It's not as if they are cheap...I ordered them from Sarah Raven...well,that has stopped....I buy them from our local nursery for half the price.

13 Oct, 2023


Lovely to see your plans for the Spring, Janey. Those peachy Narcissus look positively yummy! x

13 Oct, 2023


That's understandable Julia. I can't say that everything I've had from SR has comes up trumps. The Lemon basil I grew from her seeds was very slow growing, and didn't taste of anything. I wondered if they were the wrong seeds in the packet.

They do look lovely Sheila, fingers crossed..x

13 Oct, 2023


I will look forward to seeing all the lovely colour you will have in the garden next Spring Janey.
I too love the blue pansies!
I haven't even thought about bulbs as the main borders have so much gravel on now because of that that couldn't get in there to plant bulbs.

14 Oct, 2023


I like the lily-flowered tulips, they always look elegant. We, too, gave up on ordering bulbs from expensive suppliers, because I resented the cost once they were discarded at the end of the season. The only large tulips that ever returned reliably were the Apeldorns, and they're not everyone's cup of tea. Your garden looks very neat!

14 Oct, 2023


Lovely purchases. Janey. The Dancing Doll variety is really pretty, love the rich, jewel colours. You're garden always looks wonderful, it'll look even more so come Spring.

14 Oct, 2023


You have chosen well with the Tulip bulbs ... they will look fabulous in the Spring.

14 Oct, 2023


I like the selection of your spring bulbs Janey. Looking forward to see them all blooming in the spring.

14 Oct, 2023


A lovely selection Janey, you can look forward to a colourful spring now :)

16 Oct, 2023


Thanks Rose..:)) I can imagine it made a mess, and this time of year they're wanting roots and digging for worms?
At least with the gravel, things will be mulched for the winter won't they. A hard job laying gravel, I hope you had some help!

They are a disappointment Ange, especially ones you really liked, like the last Dancing Dolls I had. I remember Monty saying they would only last the one season now. I must admit I like all tulips Ange, and had Apeldorns, lovely strong ones.
My garden is just like it was, still summer plants flowering a little bit. I must clip back the Nepeta though there are flowers for the bees still.

Aw thanks Kate..:)

Thank you Shirley, Klahanie and Hywel I think they'll brighten the garden next year. We've
all the winter to get through first, haven't we..:(
Thinking of all your snows where you are Klahanie..

17 Oct, 2023


No help Janey, just little old me!
One of these days I will come and look at your garden!
Maybe in the spring when your bulbs are out.

18 Oct, 2023


A beautiful selection of bulbs you have bought, Janey! It's a shame about the tulips breaking up into 100s & 1,000s! The same happens here on the balcony so I rarely buy them any longer!

That Daffodil, Renegade, I grew on the balcony a few years ago & I was very pleased with it. Now it lives in the church gardens where it comes up every year now!

18 Oct, 2023


Love your choices of tulips. They will be beautiful in the spring.

18 Oct, 2023


Goodness Rose, well done you! I remember laying gravel in Spain, a hard job, but I was over 20 years younger.
Yes, we must make definite arrangements..:) x

Yes it is Balc, especially if you'd kept them as you're supposed to.I think they're grown now for one season, they'd all go out of business if we only wanted them every 10 years..:)
That's good to know Balc, and you can see yours every spring. It is a really pretty one.

Thanks Wildrose, they'll be a real treat..

23 Oct, 2023


It’s going to be a floriferous Spring by the look of it….

8 Dec, 2023


I hope so Dd. How is your garden doing these day's? Have you posted some photos?

10 Dec, 2023

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