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The New Garden!


By Gillian


Finally saw our new garden without the snow and it looks like a fairly major project! I added some photos of it to show the before (and one day hopefully) the after.

Front garden doesn’t look bad, just need weeding, tidying and some planting, but the back is going to be much more challenging! I would welcome any suggestions on good ways to use the area, especially the slope (rockery?!). Anyway, have to get back to box and furniture moving!

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It's great to have a new garden when we moved in 7 years ago their wasn't anything in the garden,a few bushes that we pulled out,but it's great because it's what keeps you going planning it and actually seeing the result,it's never finished always something to do which i love.

24 Apr, 2008


In the sloping part you might like to put a "grotto". Just dig a hole inwards to the slope so that you can look into it. Place a large slab on the floor, some bricks on the sides and back, and another slab over the top. It should look like the beginning of a tunnel. You could plant creeping plants around it, you might find your cat (if you have one) sleeping in it ! You could put a tub on the top slab. It would make a focal point, and a topic of conversation.

24 Apr, 2008


You have a great canvas to work with. I love the hill in the background--perhaps you can use railroad ties and create several "steps" to create a unique look. I had a neighbor do that several years ago and it was quite striking. I hope you keep us all posted with your progress. Good luck.

25 Apr, 2008


So many possibilities.....
I'm going to start doing some sketching and a lot of thinking.

25 Apr, 2008


I was sure that this move was going to give you a wonderful opportunity...looks like I was right! Great patio! It's HUGE!
I still say that the only equipment one requires is a roundmouth shovel and an imagination. My garden is far from prefection but I've managed to produce a place of peace and restfulness from much the same situation you have in your backyard. At least you have a fence!
I just know you'll have something wonderfully unique to show us in a very short time...
Lori =)

25 Apr, 2008

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