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Moving to a new garden


By Gillian


Well, tomorrow we start the move to a new house (again!) and I have as many plants as I can in pots ready to go. As always the extremely heavy hosta in a wooden barrel will probably be the most challenging, at least we’re not moving in the winter this time!

Some of my favourite plants from the last house didn’t survive the winter unfortunately, such as my varigated iris, but a kind friend has sent me seeds and corms which I can’t wait to get planted.

We haven’t even seen the new garden without snow on it yet, so no idea if there are even any flowerbeds yet. Will have to wait see what challenges there are. I just know I can hardly wait to get started!

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Hi Gillian... chin up... get a round mouth shovel and dig it!!
lol. You are starting another garden... and beginnings are exciting. So dig in... and don't forget to post your progress on goY.

22 Apr, 2008


Thanks Lori! Yes, I finally got around to joining.
I should be packing right now but the garden keeps beckoning - have to leave it in good shape, right?!

22 Apr, 2008


All the best in your new home , hope the move goes smoothly . M x

22 Apr, 2008


best wishes on your new home Gillian. Post some pics of the new garden, would love to see it.

22 Apr, 2008


Hi Gillian, Good luck for the move, and your new home!

New challenges and opportunities, how exciting!!

22 Apr, 2008


Gillian I'm not jealous of your move did that 2 years ago after 20 odd years at our last house and have no intention of ever doing that again it's sooo hectic to say the least.

I wish you well with your both your new home and your new garden fingers crossed you will have plenty of 'nice' surprises to be found in your new plot. Good luck moving that hosta I have one that size too hubby was none too keen moving that I can tell you I told him 'it goes with me or I don't go' needless to say he took his time thinking about that lol! ;o)

23 Apr, 2008


Hope you are up and at it this morning Gillian. Fingers crossed that all goes well. We finish our move today so I know how you feel - never again!!
Good luck

23 Apr, 2008


We currently due to varying circumstances seem to move about every 4 or 5 years, this time it was 1 1/2! At least I'm leaving a trail of improved gardens behind me (at least, I like to think so). Must admit, would be nice to be somewhere long enough to create a more permanent garden. Anyway, packing boxes for a while today then off to work for a while. We get the truck tomorrow then the heavy lifting begins! Will get the key this evening so I finally get to see the garden and we can load some of the boxes in the car to take over.

23 Apr, 2008

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