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By Gee19


Announcing an 8 round feather-weight contest between…..

In the Red Corner – Famous Freaky

And in the Blue Corner – Staring Starling

Referee for the contest the one and only Mr Percy Pigeon

Round 1:

‘Come out and fight’ shouts Freaky

Round 2:

‘Show your face’ shouts Freaky

Round 3:

Staring Starling advances….

Round 4:

…and goes straight into attack mode

Round 5:

Freaky quickly retaliates but….

Round 6:

….Staring Starling bravely holds his ground. Oh No……

Round 7:

The fight is stopped by Referee Percy who calls ‘Fowl’ on Staring Starling who attacked while Freaky had his mouth full!

Referee Percy declares ‘Famous Freaky Feather-weight Champion of the World’!

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LOL Fab Photos & Story Line Gee made me Laugh Lots , What a Great Reff u was Percy A Big Well done 2 Freaky & Bad Luck Stareing Starling :)

3 Apr, 2009


Oh that was great, well done getting the photos! Made me smile so much hubby asked what i was looking at LOL!!

3 Apr, 2009


Very Funny, so pleased that Freaky won the day, but he needs to watch his step as Staring Starling may still have his eye on him lol

3 Apr, 2009


Well done, Gee.
Perfect pictures and interesting captions.
I watched a similar confrontation in my garden this week between a collared dove and a wood pigeon.
Referee ~ concrete duck. Lol.

3 Apr, 2009


Great blog Gee as your captions and pics !

3 Apr, 2009


Fabulous Gee. Hope freaky holds his ground, but if stareing comes back for a rematch we may need Frank Warren to step in. Sorry Percy, didn't mean to get personal!

3 Apr, 2009


Well done Gee another good giggle and good pics. as usuall :o)

3 Apr, 2009


Made me chuckle Gee,I think they are all in terratorial mode because similar goings on in my garden and it gets quite noisy as well..........

3 Apr, 2009


Love it. Wonderful photographs.

3 Apr, 2009


I'm smiling to myself here Gee, wonderful blog as ever, well caught shots.

3 Apr, 2009



3 Apr, 2009


OMG LOL! : )

4 Apr, 2009


LOL....great photos and wonderful blog Gee.

4 Apr, 2009


LOL!!!!! :o)))))))))

4 Apr, 2009


Very, Very funny, you should work for the BBC with camera work and storylines like that,
Beats Eastenders!!!
Wonderful, just what we need.

4 Apr, 2009


brill as always Gee, really enjoyed it.

4 Apr, 2009


What a great blog Gee so funny..thoroughly enjoyed it

4 Apr, 2009


All your kind and generous comments brought tears to my eyes, silly old fool that I am! Thank you, everyone.

4 Apr, 2009


You are not a silly old fool Gee it is so nice to share..

4 Apr, 2009


Agree dry those tears and plan the next one !!!

4 Apr, 2009


Couldn't agree more Oldblueyes. Gee is original and very funny. Totally unlike the BBC.

5 Apr, 2009


Very amusing with your usual brilliant pictures, keep em coming Gee, you brighten our day.

9 Apr, 2009


Great narrating there.

10 Apr, 2009


that was good, needed a good laugh

25 Jun, 2009


So glad this brought a smile to your face. Just read your sad news so thinking of you.

26 Jun, 2009

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