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By Gee19


These last couple of days have been fine enough for my three tortoises to go into the garden during the warmest part of the day. They have enjoyed re-exploring old haunts……

..although there were some complaints about lack of plants!

Others, however, had no such problems.

There was some disagreement about the pecking order….

….but, after a couple of false starts….

…everything was in order.

And peace reigned while they all soaked up the sunshine, bless them!

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Fantastic blog - laughed out loud at this one! Photos are very well done and accompanying storyline was funny. Thanks for a great story - they are marvellous creatures.

23 Mar, 2009


Wonderful blog Gee. Gave me a laugh. Thank you. :o)

23 Mar, 2009


Great ! It's nice to see them awake and able to enjoy the outdoors. :o)

23 Mar, 2009


Are we still using the word "chumble" for a group of chelonians or tortoises ? Good blog, Gee :o)

23 Mar, 2009


Great blog Gee.

23 Mar, 2009


Ha ha!!! Great blog! I'm sure they enjoyed soaking up the sunshine!!!

23 Mar, 2009


Ha ha very funny , I bet they enjoyed being out after so long ..............

23 Mar, 2009


Fabulous blog Gee....and great narrative to go with the pics.Hoping for lots more sunny and warm days for them to enjoy !

23 Mar, 2009


Great Blog very funny How do you get the words into those bubbles?

23 Mar, 2009


I love it how old are your turtles? They are beautiful and so much fun.

24 Mar, 2009


Chumble is still the word, TT - suits them well!

Hi Donnah - I use Powerpoint - just insert picture into PP and then insert the shape. I expect other packages do the same thing as well. It's fun to do :)

Heloo Lujean - the tortoises are: Josie (largest) 80-100 years old, Jubilee (middle size) 40-50 and Little 'Un probably 10 or under. All the ages are geusstimates as it's really hard to tell their ages!

Glad you liked the blog - thanks.

24 Mar, 2009


Very funny blog, love your tortoises, used to look after a friends when they went away, he was called Fred, and so was her

28 Mar, 2009


Wonderful blog...
now featured on GoYpedia Pets in the Garden :o)

9 Oct, 2009

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