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A story of the birds & bees (almost)


By Gee19


Like lots of GoYers I have been enjoying this sudden Spring weather and hoping it will last.

I finally made a start in the front garden…

…but the soil is still very sticky and unworkable so I couldn’t dig or weed at all.
And that reminded me, I had made a batch of sticky honey flapjacks so now seemed like a good time to enjoy one before I moved on to the back garden.!

Unlike poor Toto, whose helpers were no help at all, mine were enthusiastic. Chloe ran round in circles (not bad for a nearly 16 year old!) and chased all the larger wildlife away.

The birds soon retreated.

Little badger was all prepared with his spade but was rather side-tracked by the amorous attention of a little visitor….

Poor little ladybird soon got the message and looked elsewhere! (blush, blush)

I quickly averted my eyes (and the camera) and discovered that there were ladybirds everywhere, particularly on the variegated plants.

I retreated to the greenhouse where things were moving much more slowly! The mixed salad is beginning to grow but would not feed my hungry tortoises for long at the moment!

The lupins (from the Poundshop) are beginning to grow but are rather straggly still.

The lavendar cuttings I took last year are doing OK.

Lavendar? Honey? Oh I’ve just remembered those lovely flapjacks again – time for just a small one and a lovely cup of tea!! But……

when I went indoors this lovely butterfly was sitting on my living room window ledge. I couldn’t resist taking his photo before opening the window to set him free. Now – who wants a flapjack?

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Great photo,s Gee and your blog made me smile..........

17 Mar, 2009


Yes, please. Flapjack would be wonderful, thank you. :o)

This is a brilliant blog.
Well done. :o)
Fantastic photography.
I look forward to all of your blogs.

17 Mar, 2009


What a Wonderful Blog Gee i really enjoyed the Stroy & Pics :) I also love2eat Flapjacks thats if i get to them b4 My Son&Daughter do :)

17 Mar, 2009


Hi Gee...also enjoyed your blog and couldnt help but think how active and alert Chloe is for her age ! Great to see so many ladybirds out and about in your garden !

17 Mar, 2009


Wonderful blog Gee. Loved all the photos and am glad that Chloe made it all safe for you, guarding against all that dangerous wildlife. I'll sent you a PM to tell you where top send the flapjacks. Especially liked the pics of poor old badger with his unwelcome guest. If you have any spare ladybirds please post them to same address as the flapjacks.

17 Mar, 2009


Oh Gee, I always love your blogs, this one is great. Could just eat one of your flapjacks, yum! By they way, Chloe is great :-)

17 Mar, 2009


wow all those ladybirds. that is a great sight to see.
the butterfly is so beautiful

17 Mar, 2009


I would love a flap jack Your blog is very funny the photos are really good

17 Mar, 2009


Lovely blog Gee. Any spare flapjacks ? I'll have one please. :o)
I liked to see your ladybirds. I hope I see some here this year.

17 Mar, 2009


Really enjoyed this Gee, and all the stops for Flapjack have so many Ladybirds there, your garden must be very healthy for the wildlife..........Lo)

17 Mar, 2009


Smashing blog as usual with great pics, cannot believe you have so many ladybirds in your garden. Please do not show pictures of flapjacks I am trying to give them up, need to be at least a stone lighter before daughters wedding ( at the moment a pebble is about the size of stone I am on the way to

18 Mar, 2009


Great blog Gee. I loved all your photos. Especially all the ladybirds. Reading your blog made it feel very spring-like here despite the snow and hail coming down.

18 Mar, 2009


Sorry everyone - all the flapjacks have now gone - I was eating too many so sent them round to the grandchildren where they didn't last long at all. Know what you mean, DD2, I've been trying for years :)

19 Mar, 2009

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