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Busy day!


By Gee19


Up early this morning as the two grandchildren come round for breakfast at about 6.45 on Thursdays; after they left for school I decided it was about time I tackled a few household jobs that I had postponed for some time so that everything was working and tidy for Christmas. The weather outside was not good so indoor jobs seemed much preferable!

I have had a problem with the electricity supply to some rooms for some time now so I decided to strip out the wiring and renew it. All went well but moving the furniture about was a chore. Fortunately I did not have to lift any carpets. The wiring went well although it took a couple of hours but all lights are now working and the flicker-flame fire in the living room seems OK too.

Having moved a lot of the furniture I had a good ‘spring clean’ throughout, touched up a bit of paint here and there, cleaned the windows and generally tidied up.

By this time the weather had greatly improved so I decided to tackle the roof patio, which had been sadly neglected – the roses needed tidying and the pump on the water feature hadn’t worked since I bought it! Fiddly work but satisfying. There were lots of tools lying around too so I have just stacked them in the little wheelbarrow until I can buy a small tool shed. Then it was just a case of straightening up the patio furniture. Then I thought, what the heck, I’ll put the Christmas wreath on the front door and the lights on the tree outside. It’s not very big so I didn’t need a ladder or anything. But these little jobs do take time, don’t they? Before I knew it, it was nearly 3 o’clock and I hadn’t had any lunch!

Below are a couple of pictures, just to show off my hard work. I am more than pleased with my efforts!

Oh, I forgot to mention – it was the doll’s house I was working on. You didn’t really think I was that clever or energetic, did you? (Did you notice the reading material in the main bedroom and you may notice a couple of other things – if you have very good eyesight!! :)

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They made him hide
And shrunk him small
To fit inside
The room and hall.

He's on the ledge
He's on TV
I'll make a pledge
To set him free.

Poor David needs
His Toto back
His sad heart bleeds
His moods are black

These little homes
Make perfect photos
Great for gnomes,
But not for Totos :o(

4 Dec, 2008


So you're not Shirley Conran after all!

4 Dec, 2008


That is great, TT. Very clever. Forgive my ignorance but who is Shirley Conran?

4 Dec, 2008


lol brilliant Gee, i was tired just reading your blog and thinking my god how do i not have all this energy. glad to see in the end it was a dolls house

4 Dec, 2008


In 1975 Shirley Conran wrote the book, Superwoman.

In 1983 she wrote The Magic Garden ~
a book for beginner gardeners.

4 Dec, 2008


Thanks TT - How did I not know that? Obviously a gap in my education!!

4 Dec, 2008


Wasn't it Shirley who said 'life's too short to stuff a mushroom'? How right she was when there's so much gardening to do.

4 Dec, 2008


Gardening forever.
Housework whenever. :o)

4 Dec, 2008


Did you build the house from a kit ? I know someone who does that. Tou can apparently get all sorts of houses from all periods and they cost a bomb. ! - or so I've been told. The lady I know who makes them has made a lot of the furniture herself too, and she's making a Father Christmas out of clay to decorate it with.

4 Dec, 2008


Ha ha ha what a brilliant blog Gee. I love the laptop on the bed

4 Dec, 2008


O Gee iv wanted a Dolls House for Yrs &never got 1 yours is fab :) Love the Wheel Barrow in the Dining room :) & Pic Of Toto&Potty People :)

4 Dec, 2008


Yes Hywel, the main part of the house was a kit - bought and built about 10 years ago. I added the extension and roof terrace about 6 years ago - just out of MDF and wood mouldings. My grandchildren are 11 and 14 but still like to spot anything new that goes into the house. My grandson interferes sometimes - I occasionally find a fully dressed person in the shower and one of the dogs sitting on the loo!! Don't know where he gets his odd sense of humour from?! Most of my bits are bargains from Ebay or have been presents from family members. It's been redecorated several times over the years but the wiring is my biggest bugbear - it really did take me a couple of hours this morning to sort out the problem!!

4 Dec, 2008


You seem to have a Jack Russell Terrier in the music room.
Can't quite see the other dog (with the cat) well enough to make out the breed.
Jacque ~ did you spot both Totos ?

4 Dec, 2008


Hi Jacque - that 'dining room' is the roof terrace!! :)

4 Dec, 2008


Hi TT - the other dog is a lurcher. There is also another JRT on the settee in the living room - Chloe, Mungo and Stig. Did you spot the African Grey parrot, Doris, sitting on top of the cage?

4 Dec, 2008


Oh Gee 19 , I was thinking what a wonder woman you must be to achieve so much in a day , brilliant blog , , the house is super I love it , you must be very proud of it ,
Can I come and play with you tomorrow LOL ...

4 Dec, 2008


I found the parrot. Lovely. :o)

No budgies :o(

4 Dec, 2008


Of course you can, Amy!

4 Dec, 2008


I'd be playing all day - my 'inner child' coming out, there, Gee!

4 Dec, 2008


You had me going there Gee 19 for a while, especially rewiring the house was well impressed..... great blog good laugh, and lovely house too.

4 Dec, 2008


Marvellous blog - so very clever!
But what's this I see? Well, I never!
Our Toto on TV, and in a frame?
He really will feel "richt at hame"
in this little wooden housy.
(O, how I feel so sad and lousy)
my sense of guilt I can't shake off,
Gee! If this house could just take off
and land right here in our back garden.
O Toto, could you ever have the heart to pardon
my negligence? I feel quite sick!
Shame weighs me down like a (yellow) brick!
But (unlike dear Lion) I'm not a big coward,
for, suddenly, I feel very empowered,
with the arrival of an army sure to topple
those hybrid, invasive Flower Pot People!
Can't say more now - Toto, be of good cheer,
Stay warm, sleep well, we love you, my deer!
(this ain't no mistake, there's a message in here).
Our hearts are like the soil, so heavy and cold -
it'll be lonely this Christmas, without you to hold.........

5 Dec, 2008


Thought you had worked really hard but the dolls house looks great.

5 Dec, 2008


WOW! More poets on the site! LOL

Good one, David.

5 Dec, 2008



6 Dec, 2008

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