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Training update on Kent contingent for Wellie Olympics


By Gee19


Training is going well and I am confident of gaining a few medals. Little ‘Un has forgone his winter sleep to train continuously and is running round the dining room several times a day, along the hall and into the kitchen. Then he does 50 press ups – not sure he’s quite got the hang of that yet but he’s trying!

His beam balancing is coming on a treat although he does complain of vertigo now and again. He has asked if the beam could be lowered – 4 inches is rather high!

Chloe felt she was being left out because of her age but feels she would excel at the walking race. She is very good at ‘slow’ and is strolling around the garden two or three times a day and resting quietly in between these exertions. I’m not confident about medal prospects here and she has asked that you be made fully aware that she may have to do a number of ‘Paula Radcliffe’ stops along the route!

I think Tufty will be a star. He is very keen and wishes to take part in the gymnastic events although he has declined to do the floor dance with a ribbon. He says it’s not really his thing!

He much prefers spiralling and doing the splits! I’m hoping for great things from Tufty when he finally finds his nuts.

At the moment I am training him to do forward and backward rolls but he seems to have got the wrong idea, bless him but I will persevere…

Is there an Olympic event for Swiss roll rolling?
Aah, just a minute, I think he has more of an idea now but can only perform on dry land. Maybe he should stick to beam balancing? Or perhaps he just likes an audience? Who is that lurking in the shrubbery?

Freaky Blackbird hesitated a bit when asked to take part but a few sultanas and a cheese straw worked wonders. He is now very keen to do wet water rafting and is practising in the front garden whenever he can but he would feel happier if he had water wings.

All in all I am pleased with progress but then – I am easily pleased!!

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Fantastic photos ~
Brilliant blog :o)

The Kent Wellie Olympics training is stunning !

Little Un seems a cert for numerous gymnastics medals. And staying awake all winter to practise - that's impressive !

In the interests of tortoise safety, height rules for the junior balance beam will be reduced from four inches to a maximum of two inches. Every gymnast will be supplied with a bed of lettuce to cushion any falls.

Chloe might lack speed, but she more than compensates with a style all of her own. Good news ~ The special sport of Wellie Artistic Walking has been included into the Games, especially for senior citizen creatures of all kinds. Essential parts of any routine are frequent pauses for comfort breaks.

Tufty is definitely a super star squirrel. Swiss rolls are obviously his special event. My rolls experience is more with my motor car, the Chocolate Mini Rolls, which amazingly passed its MOT test yesterday, requiring only a minimum amount of welding to the chocolate coloured rusty parts.

This means I now have the appropriate transport to go hunting for David's missing furry Toto. This special Wizard of Oz canine superstar was recently stolen along with Twirls from David's new chocolate garden. Please see my latest photo for updates. Toto was taken against his will, by one of the GoY Wellie Olympics rival teams, the Flower Pot People.
Any sightings of furry Toto, please report. I thought I spotted him quite recently, but can't be sure.

Freaky blackbird will win a definite gold medal for the feathered aquatic sports. The wellie water rafting looks to be in the bag.

Gee19 ~ what wonderful winter training.
An action-packed garden of which you can be rightly proud. :o)

3 Dec, 2008



3 Dec, 2008


LOL What a fantasic Blog Gee, love the pic's, and looks as if you team will be fighting fit for the olympics - woh betide the flower pot people! lol

3 Dec, 2008


LOL, Gee - great photos!

3 Dec, 2008


Go Gee! lol With such a Fantastic Team uv got 2gether how can u not Win a Medal ? Great Photos &Brill Story line :) lol Love it X TT will be proud of u ;)

3 Dec, 2008


Yes, Jacque ~
I'm very proud of Gee and her team training here.:o)

Gilli ~ have you spotted furry Toto.?
Are you sure ?
Nobody else has noticed him !
Is it really furry Toto ?
Angie can you see Toto ?
Maybe ask Brooke to take a look ?
Can she find Toto for us please ???
Brooke, where is furry Toto ??? :o)

3 Dec, 2008


What a brill blog really enjoyed reading it and the photo's where ace, well done.

3 Dec, 2008


I'm sure TT. He's lurking in the shrubbery. Someone, run out and take a look in the shrubbery. Oh, I hope we're in time to save him.

3 Dec, 2008


Right we are here, Brooke is clicking her Pink boots together as we speak.....'there's no place like home....' hopefully that will bring him back!

3 Dec, 2008


Well done Brooke, that should bring back furry Toto. :o)

3 Dec, 2008


Oh no! We missed him! Brooke, my dear, your pink boots, we think, were not magical enough to bring him home! He is still out there, somewhere, and not among any weel-Kent faces, judging by Gee's pic!

We. however, are leaving no stone/rock/nut unturned in our search. Our deepest thanks and appreciation to all for keeping a look-out! Your sightings and pics keep us going!

3 Dec, 2008


Tufty, Chloe and Little Un -
All three,
And here is anothe one -
Blodyn - that's me.

Bruno and Barney
We mustn't forget.
They will be competing
And joining us yet.

Brooke with her Thai Chi
Will lead us each one.
With a mascot like her
We will all have such fun !

Who else I wonder
Will be taking part. ?
These Wellie Olympics
Are becoming an Art.

4 Dec, 2008


Poetgardener is ready.
She's just joined the teams
She'll write for each teddy
And tortoise on beams.

With poems for bears
Plus that cat with the photo
And squirrels in pairs,
But we still can't find Toto.

Tufty and Mascot
Will get mentions too.
They're training at Ascot
To try something new.

They'll all get a mention.
For Gee is their teacher
And just sense the tension
In each athlete creature

Squirrels are leaping
From birdbox to border
Certain they're keeping
Their muscles in order.

Blackbird called Freaky
Is mopping his brow.
But someone please tell me
Where's Toto gone now ? !!

4 Dec, 2008

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