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Lovely Sunday


By Gee19


Woke up early this morning (I tend to stay up late and then oversleep in the mornings!) so managed to get to church on time. Good service (about work of Gideon organisation) – very interesting. When I got back home Chloe seemed to want to walk (which is unusual as she just usually likes to potter about the garden) so we set off and had a lovely walk in the woods. It was very quiet – not many people about and most seemed to be heading back home for lunch. We saw one or two squirrels but too far away to take photos.

I prefer the woods when the leaves are off the trees and I can see around me. I think that’s a legecy of all the years I spent living on lovely Romney Marsh where you could see for miles wherever you went. Also I know there are wild boar about in this area and I have a real fear of meeting one! My daughter saw one as she drove to work one evening; he was ambling along the side of the road regardless of traffic. My granddaughter also saw one as she came back from school on the school bus. The bus had to wait until it had crossed the road.

When we returned from the walk I looked at my back garden and the sun was still shining so I took out the mower and mowed the back lawn. It looks much, much better. I wonder how many times more I will have to do it this winter? Unfortunately just as I was thinking that perhaps I would cut the front lawn too the first spots of rain appeared. I did, however, manage to cut back a few leggy perennials before I retreated indoors. I have left the very tatty looking evening primroses as they are still flowering and Little ’Un enjoys those.

All cosy indoors now, very grey outside. Chloe is fast asleep in the chair and I feel like nodding off myself!

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I'm glad you enjoyed your walk. I too like trees in winter when you can see what's beyond them. I like to see the form of the branches aswell.
It sounds like you've had a nice day.

16 Nov, 2008


I went to church as well. My journey takes me along a road with hills on one side and the sea in view to the right. There were so few people there today that we all had to sing louder!
My husband walks Henry for me on Sundays, so that I can cook when I get home and not worry about the time.

Unfortunately, by the time I did get home, it was drizzling (again) so no gardening for me today!

My sister lives on Romney Marsh. Only sheep, Martello towers and Dungeness Power station there - no wild boars to be seen! Do you miss it?

16 Nov, 2008


I do miss the walks I used to do down on the marsh but where I lived in on the New Romney/Littlestone border became very built up (with factory units) that I decided it was time to move. I am nearer one daughter here but a bit further away from another! I did like being able to walk to the sea, too. I used to love hearing the coming and going of the migrating geese. Used to give me a tingle down the spine to see and hear them fly over. Now I have ducks instead! My ex-husband (who died very recently) worked at Dungeness Power Station, as does one daughter and son in law. I have always wanted to see inside one of the converted Martello Towers but so far no invites!! I suppose your sister doesn't live in one!?

16 Nov, 2008


you had a lovely sunday Gee, its nice to get out for a walk, clears the cobwebs away.

16 Nov, 2008

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