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Came back from holiday only to find Freddie/Freda is with us no more, our goldfish in case you are wondering!!!! nobody seems to know how it happened, our daughter who was watering the garden for us !! came round with her two Daxes Colin and Claud, and Colin fell in the pond, she heard this splash and turned to see Colin walking on water (he was on top of the netting!!) a sight worth seeing……..we will miss our goldfish he/she was well over 10 years old….and had the most beautiful tail, the last one out of 8.
So we have a very large hole to fill now, we will not be having any more fish, too many cats, herons badgers a fox and a snake to watch out for, and you cannot help getting attached to them, can you?
So R.I.P. Freddie/Freda…….

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Sorry about your little fish Dotty,gosh it was a good age.Any animal you have 10 yrs you become attached to x

6 Aug, 2009


I'm sure you'll miss him/her dottydaisy but your fish had a good innings as they say. The last of the great 8...

6 Aug, 2009


Aw bless him, gone to the big fish pond in the sky, we have 2 in our pond used to be in a tank, daughter won one at a fair and her brother bought the other with the tank for her birthday, they are quite big now. I would miss them if anything happened to them too.

6 Aug, 2009


I did not realise fish lived to such an old age Dotty

6 Aug, 2009


Poor Fred/Freda, but he/she did live to a good age. Are you going to fill in the pond or just cater for wildlife?

6 Aug, 2009


Awww.....poor Freddie/Freda....certainly lived to a great old age. I'm sure he/she will be greatly missed. :o(

6 Aug, 2009


Thanks for your commiserations, and yes he/she did do well really, have decided to re-design the whole area, so as they say watch this space.

7 Aug, 2009


Two of my fish will be 11 in january watching them grow over the years and feeding them is rewarding. As I said in a blog we had a snake in the pond but all the fish survived. We only had a heron once and he got nothing. I am sorry this happened and think you will miss your fish?

2 Sep, 2009


We had a snake last year, and yes we will miss the fish, and will always wonder what happened to him/her.......

2 Sep, 2009

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