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Oh dear not another wet morning!! it’s getting very tedious now, as I make my way down the garden, I am convinced I can hear the snails munching their way through the plants, have already trodden on several slugs.. everything is sodden….the beautiful roses have turned in to mush balls!! the plants have been flattened?

The voles are taking on the mice to see how many strawberries they can eat in a day!
Still the bog garden and the tree ferns are lush, unfortunately so are the mosquitoes that are busy stocking up with extra supplies??

So why do we do it……well to be a gardener you have to be an eternal optimist…….the sun will come out tomorrow……there is always next year..hang on a minute!!

In the words of Allan Sherman’s song (for those of us old enough to remember it)
Wait a minute it’s stopped hailingguys are swimming etc

So sorry must go, have some deadheading to do……..look at that lovely blue sky oh and have you seen what’s flowering? will you look at the blueberries…..

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I feel exactly the same,DD.....calling it dreadheading now as my heart sinks when I see so many rose heads hanging .
Having said that on the next sunny day(When??)we will be out there building it up again and admiring the results.

30 Jun, 2016


Because we love it Angela , we had a rose show last Saturday what a job that was to find some really decent roses from the dozens we have after the horrendous deluge we experienced last week , roll on summer ! I think I can hear thunder , Oh no not again !

30 Jun, 2016


Great blog....yes, just how I felt lst year. Its taken me until now to recover, and I still don't think I'm really 'over' it. So I really do know just how you all feel down in the soggy south...but take heart...nothing lasts for ever.

30 Jun, 2016


Just sat down to read this blog and guess what, its just started to rain yet again :-(. Well at least it had held off till now. Had gone out with hubby to look at a few garden nurseries. I've got my birthday coming up next month and said I wanted something different ornament wise for the garden but didn't find anything but did find a really nice nursery not far from me. See I'm trying to look at silver linings. :-) jen

30 Jun, 2016


Well the sun is actually shining at the moment, but it's very breezy. Can't say I've been busy with the watering can this year. Every thing seems to be growing tall & lush & we have to keep waiting for the flowers, heigh-ho.

30 Jun, 2016


Yes the almost constant rain this summer has ruined many flowers.
What a terrible shame .....its been so windy here too, recently.

30 Jun, 2016


Your blog sums up how I feel. But us gardeners are forever optimistic aren't we - next year will be much better. The roses are wrecked and rain and wind combined have flattened alot of the perennials. On a brighter note, no watering needed which is a blessing, especially when lots of small plants grown from seed have been planted out.

30 Jun, 2016


We are all optimists really though - perhaps it will get better soon - try again next year etc.
I planted a few sweet potatoes on the off chance of a hot summer - haha!

30 Jun, 2016


Stera all gardeners are optimists, just look what we have to endure, on a regular basis.. rust, blackspot, mildew, greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, the list is endless.......
Dawn true no watering needed, but enough is enough!!
Paul there seems to be no end in sight, I would happily settle for one good day!!
Feverfew lush it certainly is.......
Jen how is it in sunny Shropshire, which nurseries did you find? I cannot think of any near you...
Karen I dont know about that........we had it all winter, last summer, and now, it is depressing to say the least....
Amy of course we love it, and we love to complain about the weather, so very would be nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel though...
Meadow we gardeners have to be resilient, as well as optimists, and there is always **TOMORROW**

30 Jun, 2016


Sorry to hear this now that the growing season is in its very beginnings of winding down.

1 Jul, 2016


I am fed up with the rain too. When it stops I'll have 3 weeks worth of jobs to catch up on before it starts to rain again - impossible, but we may have a dry spell later in the month :o)

2 Jul, 2016


Hi dottydaisy, I was kicking my self, had lefted my phone at home so couldn't take any pictures. We had driven pass the sign on the main rd for this nursery on the way to Shrewsbury but last week decided to go and have a look. Its called Oakgate in Ellerdine. We had been to a big wyvale in Shrewsbury earlier that day and a lot of the plants looked very sorry for themselves. At Oakgate the plants looked really good. There is a tea room there with a really pretty garden, massive pond with a bridge going over it and benches to sit by it. A real find and the good thing its only about 10 mins drive away.

3 Jul, 2016


Loosestrife......we had a day without rain!! and it was positively hot about 5.30 sat in the garden with a glass of.....
Hywel we have never had rain like this before, monsoon rain it was......then the wind which does so much you say perhaps the next few months will make up for it!!
Oh that was a shame Jen, still there is always next time, by the sound of it you will be back, only 10 mins away perfect!! we used to have friends in Much Wenlock Shropshire is a lovely county....

3 Jul, 2016


Not yet been to Much Wenlock yet. Its on our list of things to do. I live the other side of Shrewsbury as we needed easy road access for our customers. I agree, Shropshire is lovely and the people are so friendly and welcoming.

4 Jul, 2016


That's true.......

5 Jul, 2016

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